Tarkin Book Review

The title of this post may be a little deceiving. I don’t know if this would quantify as a review as much as an expression of how I felt about the novel. Let’s not go into too much detail about prose, writing style, and the technicalities. I’m sure you’ll find far more qualified folks out there […]

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This One Feels Real! 

This one feels real guys. In the last update I spoke of finishing my second novel manuscript. I’ve had about a month to soak it all in and I have to say the feeling of accomplishment is much different this time around.  With the completion of the first manuscript, it was a long overdue marathon […]

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On to the next one! 

It’s been a while since the last writing update. Don’t worry, I’m still writing. I finished the first draft of the novel I started for NaNoWriMo, the project I’ve referred to for the past several months. I’ve dubbed it Project HAM & Abel. it’s a working title of course. Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll be […]

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Power Rangers Movie Review

  This film has its problems but it is proof that Power Rangers can work on the big scene. Power Rangers has been that one 90s franchise that despite its age, continues to live on and thrive in some capacity. While never returning to the height it experienced in its first couple of runs, Power […]

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When Words Form Art

There are certain points in your novel that you just can’t wait to write. A big plot reveal. A character making a key choice that shifts the story. That final confrontation that you’ve just been itching to write. Whatever it may be, there are certain points in your manuscript that excite you. The scene comes […]

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