Creator of Remote Xpression

Alex is a writer who grew up in the rolling hills and mountains of Appalachia. Having grown up in a rural, remote part of the country, sometimes his only adventures were between the covers of a book. His life experiences and surrounding environment, combined with his love for fantasy, science fiction, history, superheroes, and Asian culture, have blended to create a unique perspective that has influenced his work.

Alex is in the process of writing his second novel manuscript. His first is still in the editing phase after having gone through several edits. Truth be told, he may never stop trying to edit the document. He currently has several different story treatments of which he hopes to write in the near future. Alex enjoys a great story and approaches his nerdy habits from a writer’s perspective.

Alex is a Geek, having been enthralled with everything from anime to videogames from an early age. He has read comics since the early days of his teenage years. Admittedly, starting out as a Marvelite at heart, he has enjoyed several stories and characters from across the comicbook industry, whether from the Big Two, the independent scene, or even fresh, innovative Kickstarter comics.

He is an avid fan of all things Geek culture, but has a special love for the Xmen, Epic or High Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Star Wars. Alex has been a fan of Star Wars since discovering its magic as a child. There was something about the force, and lightsaber showdowns, that engaged his imagination. All of these things can be credited with engaging and cultivating the fervor of his imagination.