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Expressing Entertainment Culture

Welcome to Remote Xpression, a destination for expressions on entertainment. Our content focuses on providing impressions on the latest movies with an emphasis on blockbusters. Hit television series such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The Flash, will be highlighted and discussed. Remote Xpression will also provide thoughts on comicbook titles, events, and characters. Below is a brief introduction to the scope of content Remote Xpression covers.

The Grapevine: Thoughts on some of the latest confirmed news and possible rumors pertaining to entertainment culture will be discussed here.

1st Impressions: Remote Xpression is not a Critic site nor does it wish to be. However, First Impressions are the initial reactions to the newest theatrical releases. Movies are subjective and opinions vary from person to person. The goal of Remote Xpression is not to tell you how to think or what to like. Rather, what the movie offers as a film experience.

Top 5s: Top 5 is a monthly segment offering my list of 5 favorite or most wanted things in a given entertainment category.

Vault of Gems: Vault of Gems is a monthly segment devoted to providing insight into some movies that may have fallen below the radar, but are worth viewing.

Weekly Roundup:  A range of topics involving TV series and characters.

Comicbook Soapbox:   Where general opinions, reviews, or discussion on comicbook related characters, events, or titles takes place.

Ode to Superheroes: Every now and then you just have to admire the legacy of a superhero. In this section, certain comicbook heroes and maybe even a villain or two will get their due respect.

The mission of Remote Xpressions is to express and discuss thoughts and opinions on the latest movies, news, television shows, and comic books.

The purpose of Remote Xpressions is to express entertainment culture.