Marvel’s Vanishing Point

What is Marvel doing? They seemed so set on a direction a few years ago. Of the big two, they were the one with its head on its shoulders. Marvel knew what it was and what it wanted to be. But now Marvel is lost, struggling with fan reactions and industry feedback that doesn’t appear […]

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Why Wonder Woman Is Great!

Normally, during a movie review, I look for basically three things: how was the story (it all revolves around the story), did it do it’s job (comedy create laughter, etc.), and was it as advertised (movie matches the trailers). But this is not a review. This is an emotional outburst of nerd joy at the artistic […]

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Xmen ResurrXion: What’s Missing?

Yesterday I featured a post regarding my excitement for the new direction Marvel is taking with its Xmen comicbook franchise. Today, let’s explore some of the things that the Xmen titles could still improve upon in this new ResurrXion era. Sure, I love what I’m seeing and reading so far (keep in mind that all […]

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Tarkin Book Review

The title of this post may be a little deceiving. I don’t know if this would quantify as a review as much as an expression of how I felt about the novel. Let’s not go into too much detail about prose, writing style, and the technicalities. I’m sure you’ll find far more qualified folks out there […]

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