Final Draft

As I currently write this post, I’m a scene away from my final revision, edit, and rewrite of my first Novel Manuscript. Sure I’d finished drafts before, but this is no ordinary draft. This is a final copy, a polished script as those in the business would say. This is the first time I can look at my work and be confident enough to publish it.I’ve never felt that way before. Partially out of fear, but also because I never thought I was a good enough writer until recently.

The experts say that you should never publish your first novel. Looking back at all the edited drafts (7 that I remember) and rewrites (it’s partially a whole new story) this is more of a second version of the original story and script that I wrote a while back. So in essence, perhaps I’m taking that advice from a certain point of view. The next stop for this work is a professional edit. Then who knows, maybe you’ll see it on a shelf someday.

Until next time. Expression Your Creativity. 


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