Why Wonder Woman Is Great!

Normally, during a movie review, I look for basically three things: how was the story (it all revolves around the story), did it do it’s job (comedy create laughter, etc.), and was it as advertised (movie matches the trailers). But this is not a review. This is an emotional outburst of nerd joy at the artistic and box office success of this movie.

First of all, let’s start this off with a little disclaimer. I had some reservations about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman. Never once did I root against her, I just believed there were better options available. I still believe that to be the case; however, I have no reservations in saying that Gal Gadot was and is an excellent Wonder Woman. She did an amazing job and is the Wonder Woman this DC Movie Universe needs. Her depiction of Diana Prince was fantastic, and she deserves all the praise she receives.


One of the best aspects of the movie is its pacing. In an age where every superhero movie- or action adventure flick for that matter-feels the need to start off with an action scene or semi-epic battle, Wonder Woman is a slow, simmering build. It earns its action sequences and creates truly emotional moments that don’t feel corny or cheap.

It’s clever. It’s use of misogyny and chauvinism creates some interesting and humorous moments without dumbing down any of the main characters or feeling too overbearing. The interwoven themes of equality, faith, and choice shine quietly, even as those themes influence the plot.


Despite the slower pacing, the movie never gets boring. Instead, the characters are given room to grow and deepen as the plot develops. Even the side characters each seem to have their moment instead of falling for the trap of having them there just to advance the plot.

The score was perfectly integrated, which is no small feat. Bad or miss timed tunes at the wrong moments can really knock you out of the suspended disbelief of a movie. Not being a fan of the Wonder Woman theme music and it’s use in Batman V. Superman, I expected that to happen in this film. Not the case with Wonder Woman. Even the score and theme music slowly builds as the character of Diana develops. Everything is used at exactly the right moment and enhances the action and drama exactly how it needed too.


I have nothing bad to say about this movie. I was completely enthralled the entire ride. This is certainly one of the best movies ever made in the superhero genre in my opinion. Yes, that is a bold statement. In a year of some really good films so far, this is the best movie I’ve seen in 2017. Just when the floundering DC Movie Universe needed a homerun, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and Wonder Woman delivered in spades.


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