Xmen ResurrXion: What’s Missing?

Yesterday I featured a post regarding my excitement for the new direction Marvel is taking with its Xmen comicbook franchise. Today, let’s explore some of the things that the Xmen titles could still improve upon in this new ResurrXion era. Sure, I love what I’m seeing and reading so far (keep in mind that all of this is based on reading issues 1 and 2 of Xmen: Gold). But there’s still some things that can be nitpicked to make Xmen as a whole, excellent.

What Still Needs Changed:

Lacking Adjectives is Uncanny


So with this legacy initiative, I wonder if Marvel is regretting changing the titles to Gold and Blue rather than keeping the old adjective titles. I’d love to see them back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who is crying and pouting because they ripped the Uncanny adjective away from the Xmen for the first time in what, over forty years? However, if an old school feel is what we’re going for, why not return to the old title name with a traditional numbering. Maybe its already planned, I’m not aware. But I say, why not.


Time Displaced is a Waste

If I have one major bone to piece with the Xmen franchise that still remains, its the time displaced Xmen. If you want to have a way to keep Jean Grey around, ok fine do it. But it’s time for them to go back to their time in my opinion. They have served their purpose. Their story has run its course. Do something interesting with them or get rid of them.

Personally I’d understand keeping an alternate timeline title where the teens go back to their time. It could be a cool way to revisit classic Xmen tales with a new and fresh twist. It could be what Ultimate Xmen should have been. Before you start harping on me about Ultimate Xmen and Secret Wars and all that, yes I know Secret Wars was meant to eliminate alternate timelines and such. But think about it, this would be an interesting exception.

Another interesting way to use these characters would be to use the theme of time displacement and have them join up with Cable to go on a time-hopping adventure. Either of those tales would be enticing. In any case, these extra and unnecessary characters are taking spots away from newer, more interesting characters that could serve the same roles.

Price Point is too High

Another issue I have with this twice monthly delivery is the price point. If Xmen is getting good again, give us the change to buy your books Marvel. As it stands, I have to either sacrifice other books in my pull to pick up new X-Titles or just commit to one title. That’s not a fun option Marvel.


Mix In New Blood

One final thing this Xmen relaunch (or whatever Marvel is wanting to call it) is a bit more diversity. Yes, I’m aware that all of a sudden diversity is a hot button topic among the upper echelon at Marvel. But diversity is what the Xmen have always embraced. I’m not talking about racial diversity and representation although that would be nice as well. I’m talking about generational diversity. Instead of the time displaced Xmen, the Academy X generation could be used more. It’s time to see some more of the former students incorporated into the teams, same as always been the case in Xmen titles. And I’m not talking about the new Generation X characters that are a part of this redirection either. Let’s get more Hellion, Surge, Mercury, Dust, X-23, etc. Give us someone from the most recent crop of Xmen students and make them full time Xmen. It’s time.

If Marvel could fix these small issues, then I’d be an extremely happy fan. Even so, I’m still enjoying this new repurposing that the franchise is undergoing. How are you enjoying the new Xmen titles? Do you give Xmen ResurrXion a thumbs up or down? Are you an Inhumans fan? What are your thoughts on their side of this redirection? 


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