Possible Directions of the 5 Game of Thrones Proposed Spinoffs

As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I’ve had a lot to ponder this past week or so. Recently, it was announced that HBO has four possible Game of Thrones spin-off pilot scripts. George R.R. Martin himself confirmed five scripts. Now, this doesn’t mean HBO will order five new GoT based series, but it does boost the likelihood that we will have at least one “successor series” as George likes to call them, after the current series concludes. So what is the premise of those five scripts. let’s explore some options. 


The Targaryen Lineage

What would truly be interesting would be a depiction of the early years of the Targaryen rule in the seven kingdoms. This would be a completely new time period that has only been slightly alluded to in the show. The characters, houses, politics, everything would be completely different. In fact, it could even be stylized as an anthology series where every couple of seasons there’s a bit of a time jump which would be a unique take on the show.

Positives: More Targaryens. The setting remains in familiar territory with familiar families and of course, infighting over the Iron Throne. This could potentially detail the story of how the Targaryen house fell from grace long before they finally fell from power.

Negatives: Sure we’d hear names like Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister and see some much different family dynamics play out. But the story would be so heavily focused on one house, it’s infighting and struggles that most of those familiar houses may not make much screen time.

Likelihood: Slim


The Ninepenny Kings

The War of the Ninepenny Kings (and I’m greatly condensing it) is pretty much a conflict where nine parties in Essos unified to achieve each other’s goals. Of course one of those nine men was a Blackfrye who held a fairly legitimate claim to the Iron Throne.

Positives: This would be a serviceable prequel of sorts. Familiar names or the fathers of familiar names took part in the major events surrounding this war, linking it firming to the current series.

Negatives: That tight link to the current series might hinder some of the creative freedoms of the new series. This would establish a firm cap on the length of the series, something HBO probably doesn’t want since it’s already trying to prolong the popularity of its most popular series after its initial run.

Likelihood: Possible


Exploring Essos

Recently in a interview regarding the possible spinoffs, George R. R. Martin described the possible new series as a companion series and that Robert’s Rebellion was not a major storyline that he believed needed to be told on screen.

With these new series ideas, could HBO and George be looking to further increase the lure and canon of the Game of Thrones world by establishing a bold new direction? One of the new possible spin-offs could take place in the world of the current show but explore a completely different continent and even time period. We’ve been introduced to Essos but only as a backdrop to Dany’s story. Essos is a setting ripe for more stories to be told. Here are a few more successor series ideas.

The Politics of the Free Cities

Positives: The audience is familiar with the setting already. There is a rich culture and history to be explored. There’s also the added benefit that the writers wouldn’t be inhibited by the current series.

Negatives: Will the audience accept a story without the Westerosi families, houses and setting as a main backdrop? The story would be new and possibly not able to reference any of George’s source material. Then again, it kind of seems like that’s what the writer himself prefers.

Likelihood: Highly Probable


Old Valeria

Positives: There will be dragons, lots of dragons. We’ll get plenty of new conflict and tales in a new setting.

Negatives: The setting, time, and locations will be completely different and unfamiliar. There will be virtually no link to the current series. Dragons are expensive and would increase the budget of an unproven show.

Likelihood: Possible

So what do you think. Which of the five would you most like to see made into a show? Have a better idea of a spin-off for Game of Thrones? What would you like see? Let me know. 




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