This One Feels Real! 

This one feels real guys. In the last update I spoke of finishing my second novel manuscript. I’ve had about a month to soak it all in and I have to say the feeling of accomplishment is much different this time around. 

With the completion of the first manuscript, it was a long overdue marathon that I had stumbled across the finish line. I had finally reached the end. The feeling was overwhelming, but it abated swifter than I thought it would. 

This time, I expected the same instant jubilation. Sure I felt the accomplishment same as before, but the exhilaration was different. It was deeper and didn’t burn as bright. But I’ve noticed, it hasn’t really burned out yet. In a sense I’m still basting in the achievement even though the moment has past. 

This one feels real because this time I knew what I was getting into and still I ran the race again. Again, I finished, but I also improved. Many out there dream of finishing a novel. Many more start and give up. Even fewer finish one and knowingly partake in the torture of attempting another one. Heck if I can do it, any of you reading this can. Whether it’s a novel or a film or web series, express your creativity and make something happen. 


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