Power Rangers Movie Review


This film has its problems but it is proof that Power Rangers can work on the big scene.

Power Rangers has been that one 90s franchise that despite its age, continues to live on and thrive in some capacity. While never returning to the height it experienced in its first couple of runs, Power Rangers is still a beloved franchise that offers that nostalgia factor that seems to be popular in Hollywood nowadays. It was only a matter of time before some studio took a crack at this property. Did the popular children’s tv series translate well on the big screen?

Ultimately this film isn’t trying to be an Oscar contender. It’s not going to be featured in film schools. For what the studio and the film tried to accomplish, I believe they did well. The characters are diverse and fit well with your typical high school archetypes. You have the jock, the nerd, the popular girl, the misunderstood, and the loner. Yes, very Breakfast Club of the writers. This film definitely took some queues from movies like The Breakfast Club and Chronicle. But even so, it works.


There are some holes in the plot that I’ll get into further in this review, but there were some things this movie did very well. The budding friendship amongst the ensemble was something that this film played up well. The backstory of Zordon, Rita, and the legacy of the Power Rangers also works well in this version of the franchise. The suits also were explained nicely and worked within the context of the story.

There were some nice little nods in the film to the original series that long time fans will enjoy. As I’m sure one can guess, some of these moments were quite campy. However, these moments are fun and used well within the context of the story. Fans of the serious will be pleased with how certain elements of Power Rangers lure are woven into the plot of the movie.

Speaking of plot, this is where this movie’s potential has a fallen out. If given stronger character development, sequencing, and pacing, this could have been a stronger film. The themes and undertones weren’t anything new, but this version of those themes was interesting and could have been presented better. The pacing was a little discombobulated. And the story felt rushed at points and underdeveloped in other areas.

Red_Ranger_Zord_Tsr_VFSome of the characters were obviously developed more than others causing a feeling of unbalance. A more well-rounded approach probably would have served the story better in my opinion. Also, the Rita Repulsa character was underdeveloped. However, I get that this movie wasn’t trying to be overly deep. It’s just that it got so close to delivering a really solid coming of age tale, that to not follow through in the execution is slightly disappointing.

This film has its problems but it is proof that Power Rangers can work on the big scene. Even with its flaws, Power Rangers is a movie worth watching. There’s enough of the old classic Power Rangers for the old fans to enjoy, while still offering something fresh and new for newer fans to discover.

Final Verdict: C


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