When Words Form Art

There are certain points in your novel that you just can’t wait to write. A big plot reveal. A character making a key choice that shifts the story. That final confrontation that you’ve just been itching to write. Whatever it may be, there are certain points in your manuscript that excite you. The scene comes to  you more vividly. The emotion resonates off the page and is palpable. The tension feels more visceral. Everything flows like a beautiful cacophony you’re directing. As the maestro, you may know where the melody is leading, but you may add a sudden twist to the rhythm.

These scenes replay through your head repeatedly, over and over again. They are what renew your enthusiasm for the project. They excite you and revitalize your imagination to continue forward. Writing these scenes seems almost euphoric doesn’t it. Almost as if they are somehow a reward for the hours of scribbling plot ideas down on paper and typing words into sentences again and again. Now those words and sentences and paragraphs have lead to something. Now you can see the mold of your creation. Now you have something that resembles art.

Each manuscript has at least a few of these, some of those points are more exciting to write than others. But there’s that one scene that comes along that you’ve envisioned as the crescendo of the entire work. It’s these moments as your writing plays out, that remains you why you love writing.

Have you felt moments like these in your projects?

-Expression Your Creativity 


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