Baby Steps & Reflection

As you all know, I’m back at work on my manuscript I started drafting during the NaNoWriMo event in November. As a reminder, I’ve set a daily/weekly goal for the year of 2017. So far, it seems to be working out well.

When I paused to take a break from my manuscript at the end of November, I was just over 50,000 words. Now, after a slow yet steady pace for the past 6 weeks, I’m beyond 67,000 words. I know, that’s incomparable to the leap from nothing to 50k in November. But honestly, this was done by carving only a few minutes out of my day (sometimes weekly cause there are days I haven’t written honestly).

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I’ve been taking baby steps. Chipping away with tiny chunks each day. At first, when I noticed my progress I was slightly disappointed. Sometimes, we all get a little discouraged by our goals. You look for the results and become impatient. I’ve done it plenty of times.

We hustle through the forest on that old dirt path, hacking at weeds and shrubs in our way. Slashing at stray briers that claw into our legs as we forge ahead. The forest is dull. All the trees look the same. It seems as though you aren’t getting anywhere. But then you look back behind you, and see the trail you have blazed.

forest-trailIt’s easy to become so focused on the misty mountains in the distance and the mud in the path just ahead, that you forget about the valleys that you’ve climbed out of and the hills you have scaled. Sometimes we get so caught up in our objectives and the daily obstacles we face, we forget to reflect. We stare straight ahead, eyes forward. But to truly appreciate your accomplishments, sometimes you have to look back so you can better understand where you’re going.

Reflection. I’d argue it’s as important as having an established goal. I hope you too will reflect on your accomplishments. Take a glance back and see the trail that you have blazed. If you’re thinking about writing a novel, a poem, a song or anything that involves a creative mind,  as daunting as the task may seem, it’s fine to take baby steps.

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