The Final Countdown

I’m almost there. I can see the finish line. I’ve written 48k and rounding that curve into the final stretch on the track. I can see it, approaching with every typed word. Each sentence is another leap towards that finishing ribbon. And that realization has made this last five thousand words or so that much more difficult to craft. But now that I’m within two thousand words, my anticipation is starting to mount.


I’ll admit, when I announced that I was accepting this challenge in October, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I knew I’d start out strong. I was determined to start out strong. I knew that there would be challenges ahead. Movies to see, television to watch, holidays and weekends to spend with my family. All are part of the everyday distractions that plague this month long challenge. Ok, maybe considering family as a distraction is a little harsh, but you get what I’m saying. I’m not done yet. But with two days left, I’m feeling confident.

I realize that here lately I’ve ventured away from substantive aspects of writing, and mostly focused on the actual challenge of writing itself and how I’ve coped. However, putting pen to paper is a big aspect of writing. After the challenge is over, I’ll delve more into the story elements and my progress on the substantive aspects of writing. But forgive me for relishing in the moment for a bit. Bare with me, this challenge is not easy to win, and this race has been mighty long.


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