Novel Update: First Roadblock

So it happened. It always happens. After all the preparations. After all the plotting and planning and outlining, it still happened. I ran into my first true roadblock. No it wasn’t the “mandatory” daily word count like I assumed it would be initially. I reached a point in the narrative where a major plot point that drove the entire story forward no longer made sense.

Yeah, it sucks. If you’ve written any type of story, you know what I’m talking about. Characters drive stories forward. Well that’s not necessarily true in all instances. Sometimes stories are plot driven or setting driven. I don’t want to get into the weeds here cause there are some good plot driven stories. Honestly most blockbuster movies are plot driven, so I can’t say that a plot driven narrative isn’t entertaining. However, the best stories, in my opinion, are character driven. They are the stories we truly connect with.

So I had a choice. I  could forge ahead and just continue the writing as planned, or I could find a way to navigate around that certain plot point and still continue the story. I believe I’ve found a way to do exactly that. Honestly, I feel my story will be better for it.


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