Here we are: Plot Synopsis

Here we are! NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow. Time for brainstorming and plotting has ended. Now it’s time to prepare to write.

So, I’ve declared in this blog that I’m accepting the challenge. I’ve talked about some of my preparations. I’m sure by now you have to be wondering one important thing that hasn’t been touched on yet. What are you writing already? All the other stuff is all well and fine, but what are you writing?

You’re right. That’s an important factor I should probably divulge. Below is a little plot synopsis teasing what I’ve developed so far. Of course, what gets written could take a completely different direction. I’ll just have to stumble upon those rabbit holes as I trip upon them.

Plot Synopsis: H.A.M. & Abel, a working title.

Humanity has expanded into the stars. Corporate funded colonies populate the closest planets and moons in the solar system. Abel is a Bounty Hunter tracking interplanetary criminals across the solar system. The ultimate hypocrite, Abel runs from his past while trying to save others from their future. Believing in behavior reform, he delivers his bounties alive so they may one day have a second chance. Together with his business partner and comrade- an A.I. called H.A.M.- Abel ventures around the solar system seeking new contracts. When the two of them deliver a live bounty who’s marked for immediate death, they are thrust into an interplanetary conspiracy that could endanger the entire human race.

I’ve found that I give most of my story ideas project names based on a simple concept. This normally ends up becoming the working title. Unless I’m just struck with inspiration, I probably won’t name the actually manuscript until after the first draft is written. I’m not great with title names, as much as I hate to admit it. Maybe I’m just particular. But the title of a novel, although it seems small, is very important. Most people actually do judge books by their covers, including the name on that cover. Something like H.A.M. & Abel would work fine for a buddy cop drama on network television. It would not work well for a novel.

If you haven’t guessed already, this novel concept will be Science Fiction. Some might would even categorize it as Cyberpunk if that means anything to you. This will be unexplored territory for me. My other manuscript was High Fantasy. Most of the novels I read are either Epic or High Fantasy. However, being a huge fan of Star Wars, I have some background in Science Fiction as well. (Yes, I know some would consider Star Wars a fantasy set in space rather than true Scifi. Let’s not get into the weeds here).

So what do you think? Feedback is always welcome. Comment below if the concept of this plot sounds interesting or even if it sounds horrible. Remember, I will be providing updates on my progress and process throughout the month of November. However, those updates will probably be much shorter than these past posts have been. After all, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be writing.






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