Rogue One: A Different Star Wars Story

If you’re a fan of The Empire Strikes Back, from the looks of all the trailers for Rogue One, this is the film you’ve truly been waiting for.

The lead up to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has felt different. As this December approaches, the months have felt more still. The marketing for this anthology film has been rather quiet. Of course, nothing could compare to the buildup and anticipation for Episode VII, a film many have coveted for decades. However, this movie shouldn’t be disregarded and cast aside. Without question Rogue One will be unique in comparison to past films in the Star Wars franchise. However, for many who claim Episode V is their favorite of the franchise; this may be the movie they’ve truly been waiting for.

atatBy now most have seen the trailers for Rogue One. One obvious difference between it and Episode VII is the tone. This film definitely has a darker tone. It seems less like a fairy tale in space and more like a gritty war flick.  The main conflict and plot of the film will center on two factions struggle over the plans to the ultimate battle station, the Death Star. Of course we all know what happens in regards to the death star plans, but we don’t know how it happens and who survives.

donnie-yen-rogue-oneFinally a Star Wars movie will hopefully deliver more ground level action than any other film in the franchise. Like Episode V, we will be introduced to the Imperial war machine. All signs are signaling that Rogue One will be a war film centered in the Star Wars universe. There will not be any Jedi or Sith dancing around with lightsabers in this film. This movie will be all about the blasters. Based on the trailers alone, there will be at least one major battle featuring ground troops. This movie will deliver AT-ATs, Stormtroopers, Darth Vader in some small capacity, but most of all, this movie will be a great window into the new canon that is being established.

rogue oneBut even with a lack of lightsabers, this movie will have several references to the force and those who believe in its ancient powers. We know that by the time Episode IV rolls around, the force is mostly taboo. It’s considered a relic of a long past era. Yet a suspected major location for the movie is a planet called Jedha which is supposed to be a religious center of sorts for believers of the force. With some of the film set on Jedha, we can assume some aspects of the Church of the Force will be explored, which could connect this film to Episode VII. How you ask? Remember that guy Kylo Ren chopped down in the beginning of the movie? It wasn’t really explained in the film but he was a follower of the Church of the Force. Perhaps Rogue One will explain how force believers are forced into underground practice.

saw-gerrera-rogue-oneOne of the most intriguing prospects of this anthology film is the possibility of exploring more of the new canon of the Star Wars universe. There is also a chance that we see characters that have already been established in other mediums of canon, also make their debut cinematically. Such is already the  case with the casting of Forest Whittaker as Saw Gerrera, a character introduced on the Clone Wars animated series. There are other characters from the comics, novels, and tv series, that are around during this time period. It would be a nice Easter egg for invested fans if others also made an appearance.

orson-krennicRogue One is the first movie of its kind in the franchise and hopefully will explore even more of the unchartered territory of canon. One area that has received a major focus in the new canon is the inner workings of Palpatine’s Empire. In Rogue One we will be introduced to Director Orson Krennic. With him, we could gain insight into the chain of command of the Empire. We will hopefully see more of the role Darth Vader played in the Empire before seizing power in Episode V. Rogue One will also introduce us to the Death Troopers. If Stormtroopers are the Empire equivalent to the Army, the Deathtroopers are the Marines.

rogueoneentRogue One will be a different kind of Star Wars. For the first time in the franchise, this movie will not be centered on a Skywalker. This film will delve more into the human side of the universe and the ground level machinations of both the Rebellion and the Empire.  If you’re a fan of The Empire Strikes Back, from the looks of all the trailers for Rogue One, this is the film you’ve truly been waiting for.



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