TV Magic: Netflix’s Recent Success

There’s something magical that occurs after you finish a great show. You can’t explain it. You can’t really describe it. It’s illogical. It’s an indescribable energy like electricity that pulses through your brain. It’s intangible yet all too real. It leaves you with an insatiable desire for more, fueling your appetite for another helping, one more dose, yet another kick.

getdowncrewSo what is it about a good show that captivates us all to the point of emotional exuberance? What is it about them that leave us wanting more? How can one be so hooked to the imaginary machinations of these characters that they invest hours of their life into watching them? It’s all about the story.

It’s that simple and yet so unimaginably complicated. The right story can create an emotional connectivity. This bond stirs something within our very souls. It ensnares our imagination, and sometimes our memories. When done well, the right story involving the right kind of character, placed in the right kind of emotional crucible, creates the right kind of connection. That’s when the magic becomes reality. You become attached to these characters, as illogical as that sounds. And when their story ends, whether through the end of an episode or end of a series, that emotional connection is severed. They are snatched away from us. It’s unsettling and unnerving, but it’s such a wonderfully sick feeling.  That is the magic of television.

This television magic can be felt with two of Netflix’s newest series, The Get Down and Stranger Things. After having recently binged both of these series, I was blown away by the quality of both. Each show is completely different. The stories are unique from one another. Yet at the same time there were familiarities between the two.

the-get-down-1200x675The Get Down and Stranger Things are period pieces. Stranger Things, in essence, personifies the 80s. Likewise, The Get Down displays the essence of the 70s. But as previously mentioned, it is the stories these two series tell that makes them so great. Stranger Things is as much an adage to 80s creature features as it is a Dragons & Dungeons campaign. Come on, if you’ve seen the series think about that one for a second. The Get Down is every bit of a coming-of-age love story where the setting and culture are as much a character in the story as the Get Down Brothers Crew.

strangerthings_promotionalstill.0.0There’s something about finishing a good show that is ironically dissatisfying. It’s a bitter mixture of joy and sadness that one cannot easily explain. No longer will you be able to enter that world and vicariously live through those characters, unless another season is slated. Fortunately, it seems as though both will be getting follow up seasons on Netflix. Both of these series tell amazing stories leaving you with all of those feelings. The experiences shows like these create can only be summed up with one word…magic.



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