The Disconnect of Critics and Average Movie-Goers

This past weekend was the second weekend for DC’s Suicide Squad in theaters. As with Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad was met with harsh critic reviews. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the initial fan reaction wasn’t as strongly negative. This seemed to be true of Batman v. Superman as well. Maybe it’s over enthusiasm of DC fanboys that is balancing the scales. Perhaps movie-goers who aren’t as immersed in geek culture do not have the expectations of some critics. Whatever the cause, there seems to be a shape disconnect between the average movie-goer and the Hollywood film critic.  

SuicideSquad.comicblendThat is not to say that both DC films have come without their share of problems. Neither film has been a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. While Suicide Squad had some major plot issues, it redeemed itself with its focus on characters. Its tone was light and comical from the beginning. Honestly it should be compared more with Deadpool than anything Marvel Studios has produced. For a full review of Suicide Squad, click here.

Parent company Warner Bros. can’t be pleased with the critical reaction of either release. Both films have seemed to encounter editing controversy and issues with the overall plot. This is an area the critics have burned them on twice now. Hopefully the company can make some adjustments before the release of Wonder Woman.

DC_Logo_RGB_031816But despite those issues, neither film has truly been the unmitigated disaster that has been reflected by their rotten tomato scores. Both films have rotten scores below 30% so far. Are these films really that bad, or has Marvel set a bar so high that the upstart DC Universe can’t realistically compete.

A precedent has been set among critics. DC films have an expectation to be bad. One thing has become apparently clear, Wonder Woman and Justice League need to be hits. Only then will the sour taste be washed from the mouths of critics.


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  1. swanpride says:

    I think the critics simply want a movie with proper editing, thoughtful use of music, a coherent story and likable characters. This is kind of what a movie needs to get a decent rating imho.


    1. hollidayx says:

      Thanks for the comment. Great assessment. I agree with you. Critics certainly have a higher criteria as do most of us fans. However, I feel that the average movie-goer just wants entertainment.


      1. swanpride says:

        Honestly, I don’t buy into the notion that there is a huge difference between critics and fans, mostly because some critics are fans, too, and some fans can be very critical. I also don’t really put a lot of stock into the audience rating of any movie because people who go and see those movies are primed to like them from the get go (and specifically the DC/Warner Bros movies have a rabid fanbase set on voting those movies up, often without even watching them).
        There is nothing wrong with a movie which mostly exists to entertain…but there is a difference between Independence Day and its sequel, between Jurassic Park and the American version of Godzilla. Sure, sometimes people only go into the theatre to see the big monster or, in the case of Transformers, the robots. But I doubt that the majority of the audience will be happy if DC movies only hit that level of quality. Well, below that, because those movies are at least properly edited!


    2. hollidayx says:

      Thanks for the reply. Absolutely critics are fans of movies and some are even comic fans. Critics and logical fans are very similar in a lot of ways. However, your average movie-goer isn’t what I would consider a fan. Most of them aren’t cognizant of editing or basic story elements. For them, it’s about escapism.

      A movie like Suicide Squad, in my opinion, is passable enough to offer that escapism. Fans recognize its flaws and either accept them or not. Critics report and comment on them because it’s their profession. Most movie-goers focus only on what is presented to them and may not even recognize or care about the flaw.


  2. atthematinee says:

    Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this, have you posted your opinion on any movie sites before? 🙂

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    1. hollidayx says:

      Thank you for both the comment and the compliment. I actually just had a post go up on Budomate Magazine’s website last week. Budomate is an action magazine that covers all forms of action in Movies and Television. That’s all I’ve done so far but looking to do more. Do you have any suggestions? Here’s the link:

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      1. atthematinee says:

        Awesome stuff! I was also wondering if you would be interested in posting on Moviepilot! Let me know!


    2. hollidayx says:

      Thanks for the offer! I’ve sent you an email.

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