Why The Warriors will Translate into a Great TV Show


The Warriors are coming out to play. As reported by Deadline, The Russo Brothers are adapting the cult classic 1979 film The Warriors to television. The series will stream on Hulu. This is great news, especially to all of the fans of this cult classic. So why am I so hyped up about this project? The Warriors is old and several of its elements are obviously dated, but it is a good movie. The Russo brothers- the directors responsible for the past two Captain America films- have a stellar track record so far with telling engaging stories. This pairing is an excellent choice to try and breathe new life into this story. It will be interesting to see their modern version of this classic play out on the screen.

PunksThe Warriors is a property that is ripe for a modern adaption. It is an excellent gritty adventure. It’s a ground level story of survival, betrayal, and brotherhood. The original is a beloved cult classic for a reason. The film boasts an intriguing plot with an engaging jumping on point. The stage is set early in the first act. The setting of 1970s underworld New York is both interesting and exciting. You have a complex tale that will become even more fleshed out. With more time to craft the story, I see the Russo Brothers really digging into these characters.

Certain plot points and rivalries within the film could be expanded and elaborated on. But it is the colorful cast of characters, both among the Warriors themselves and their rival factions that really draw the focus of the story. A story that already has great character interactions to begin with, can really delve into character exploration and growth in a series format.

The crux of the entire story -and what I assume will be the new show adaptation as well -is a group of youngsters representing the gang The Warriors, are sent from Coney Island into the city for a big gang conference. Of course things go wrong and the group find themselves stranded with enemies all round them as they try to return to their home. This was an interesting concept in 1979 when the film was released, and it’s still an interesting concept today. Imagine an updated version of this tale stretched across 10-13 episodes. A concept such as this could be comparable to Sons of Anarchy when it was at its best. It was great at pitting several different groups in competition with both the Sons and with one another. A show like Sons of Anarchy proves a property like The Warriors both has a place in today’s television market and also has hit show potential.

RoguesThe backdrop of New York in the 1970s is also interesting. The Russo brothers could decide to update the time period or make this a 70s period piece. It will also be interesting to see how the Russo brothers translate the different gang gimmicks that the Warriors encounter on their adventure. The Riffs and the Rogues could translate fairly easily. Some of the other groups however will probably need some less gimmicky interpretations. Either way, 1970s New York or New Millennium New York, a survival tale of gangland blood-lust in the streets of the big city is ripe with potential.

Also of note is how the original film incorporated elements of real communication methods gangs used in that time period. This essentially became the narrator of the Warrior’s tale. It was one of the best parts of the movie and added soul and character to the film. Hopefully this aspect is not set aside in this new adaptation.

CyrusOf course the greatest reason of all, the great array of characters. There are ten excellent characters among the Warriors themselves. Each has genuinely unique personalities that added a different dynamic to the group. There are several rival groups that offer interesting and wild characters. It will be exciting to see who gets cast as some of these roles in this series.

Ultimately, this project has some real potential. Yes I’m excited about this news. As this project develops, more and more people will get excited about this project too. Keep an eye on Hulu for details on this series, I certainly will be.


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