The Game Returns: Spectulations on the new season of Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones has returned and this season is more unpredictable than ever. For the first time, the show has passed the plot of the book series. This season will be venturing into new territory for everyone. That only adds to the excitement for this season. Even though we have no guide to gauge where the show is headed, we as fans still speculate on what will happen. After just one episode of the season, it’s time to guess the path forward.

The Wall

Well Jon Snow is still dead, for now. It appears as though not all of the Watch is happy about Jon’s death. At least a quarter of the few remaining members of the Night’s Watch are locked in a room contemplating outright rebellion. It appears as though the Wildlings will be getting involved soon as well. Ironically, the end of Snow appears to be the end of the Watch. As the Watch, Jon’s loyalists, and the Wildlings battle, the wall will be open to assault. This season will end with the Army of the Dead at least at the wall, if not over it.

The North: Sansa and the Boltons

Sansa escaped the Boltons and as Roose made clear in his conversation with Ramsay, the north will not rally to the Boltons without a Stark. The north will rally to Sansa this season. We have seen the start of it in episode one. Sansa has a budding royal court already. She has a knight in Brienne, a soon to be knight in Podrick, and a loyal minion in Theon. I believe a much older Rickon will return and play a role before long.

The north rallies to Sansa and she becomes Queen of the North. The North will then confront the Boltons and Mellisandre’s vision of a battle in the snow finally is realized. Winterfell is reclaimed as the Knights of the Erie swarm in to assist the North. Littlefinger betrays the Boltons and allies with Sansa.

King’s Landing: Lannisters, Tyrells, and the Faith Militant

Things were fairly quiet in King’s Landing. Of course that will not last. Cersei seems to have reached an all-time low. Jaime seems more determined than ever. Margaery seems settled yet worried about her brother who obviously is still in the custody of the faith militant. The faith militant are in control now, but the tables are turning. The Tyrells will muster a force once this gets out of hand. Tommen will finally move to free his wife. The streets of King’s Landing will be filled with blood as the Tyrells, Lannisters, and Faith Militant battle.

So what will be the outcome? The Faith Militant will be quelled by the middle of the season. Perhaps the Tyrells and Lannisters, having a common enemy, continue their alliance. I doubt Margaery forgets Cersei’s role with empowering the faith. The threat of Dorne keeps the two families from being at odds, but tension is high.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jaime will have to head to the riverlands judging by some images in the trailer. He will attempt to muster forces and try to repair relations with the remaining Tully’s. Of course Walder Frey will come into play.

Dorne: The Sand Snakes

This episode followed a theme that lends a lot of foreshadowing for the rest of the season. Everyone shown seems to be on the verge of a state of rebellion. King’s Landing, the North, Meereen, the Wall, everywhere you turn, leadership is holding on to power by the thinnest of threads. In Dorne, that thread snapped rather quickly as an entire branch of the Martell lineage fell. I doubt the sand snakes are finished with the Lannisters. I’m sure the Lannisters aren’t going to take Marcella’s death lying down either. Dorne is going to make a move on the throne and not all of the sand snakes survive this season.

Meereen: Tyrion, Varys, and the Queen’s Small Council

Tyrion is a capable administrator and an intelligent communicator. He knows the danger of Meereen and with the help of Varys, he’s attempting to get to the root of the issue. The Sons of the Harpy continue to remain in the shadows for now, causing havoc from underground. The torching of the ships was a clever way of alerting the audience that the Mother of Dragons will not end up in Westeros this season.

I do believe the Sons of the Harpy will be revealed as the city erupts into a civil war. This war will be driven by former slaves engaging in an uprising against the Harpies just as Tyrion has figured a way to stop them. Of course the red priests will be behind the revolt. Curious that for the first time in several seasons, we are introduce to a male red priest. More on that later.


Arya will be trained into a Zatoichi by the middle of the season. She will discover that her friend is really the face of the many faced god. I don’t see this relationship ending well. Arya will never be no one, she has too much hatred in her. She will have to fight for her life, perhaps finding a way to kill the priests of the many faced god. Somehow she regains needle and escapes Bravos to head back to Westeros and finish marking off her list.


Daenerys will not be in the custody of the Dothraki for long, maybe a few more episodes. Drogon will appear and the Dothraki with be wooed by the Dragon. They will join her. I can see this being the most uninteresting plot point this season. Sure there will be some kind of danger along the way. Jorah and Daario will catch up to them, probably have to take out a blood rider or two while they are at it. I don’t see much happening with this plotline. This is just filler to keep Daenerys away from Westeros until the Night’s King invades.

Mellisandre and Jon Snow

It’s curious that they ended the episode on Mellisandre. She of course is aware of Jon Snow’s death, who seemed to be her second pick after Stannis. She is obviously sad and broken, but we were not aware of just how broken she was. I don’t believe she removes that jewel from her person very often. Is she experiencing self-doubt or does that jewel play into the return of Jon Snow (come on he’s definitely coming back).

Will she sacrifice her life for his? She has been known to dabble in blood money. To return someone from the dead, it just seems like a balancing act is required. This show is great for giving us despicable characters, then providing them with moments of redemption.

Benioff and Weiss are good for inserting small hints in the details of the plot. We saw a male red priest in the background of Meereen. This is the first male red priest since Thoros from season 3. I speculate that by the end of the season, Jon is alive as a red priest and Mellisandre is gone.



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