Geek Grapevine: Batman, Spiderman, & Other Related News

Affleck to Direct Batman

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of JusticeIt’s about time. Yeah, like nobody saw this coming. Ben Affleck is and always has been a very capable actor. However, he is arguably a far superior director. This decision is not a difficult one to make, especially with fans raving over Affleck’s portrayal of the caped crusader in Batman v. Superman. Additionally, and even better for the fans, Affleck is a self-admitted Batman fan. The dude is a Batman nerd. So you know he is going to give this project one hundred percent. Rumor has it he has already written a script. The biggest question now may be who will be the villain of the new solo adventure. Jared Leto was cast as the Joker for more than just Suicide Squad. But is that too easy of a guess? Regardless, an Affleck directed Batman movie has the potential to be one of the darkest, grittiest, truest incarnations of the comicbook superhero to come to the big screen. I can’t wait to hear more details on this project as it becomes available.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man-HomecomingThis title seems to be drawing some criticism from the fanbase. I think this title fits with the direction Marvel is taking this version of Spider-Man. Peter Parker is going to be a high school student and probably will be for at least the length of a trilogy. From the design of the costume we saw in the trailer to the design of the movie title, everything that Marvel is doing with this character reeks of old-school throwback. The rumored villain is the Vulture, who would be officially making his big screen debut. Imagine the aerial CGI action they can drum up with them two locking fists. And I’m sure Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy or some other love interest will be center stage in a relationship, coming-of-age sub-plot. Yes, I say give us more.

Cloak & Dagger

cloak and daggerFreeform has announced that it has ordered straight to series a full season of a Cloak and Dagger series. Based on the little bit of information I know of the characters and their relationship, I think this is a good fit for both this property and the network. Of course it will probably turn into a young adult relationship drama, but that is the core of these characters’ relationship anyways. I think Freeform can really take a property such as this and make it shine.

Early Buzz on Civil War

civil warCritics are raving after participating in early screenings of Civil War. I try and re-frame from reading reviews before I view a movie; however, this hype is so potent it is becoming hard to avoid. Of course this is a good sign for this film and Marvel. Us normal folks will have to wait until the movie releases in early May.


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