Reel Talk: TMNT Trailer 2, Fantastic Beasts Trailer 2, andSuicide Squad Blitz

TMNT: Out of the Shadows: Trailer 2

This trailer rehashes a lot of the same clips from the first trailer with a couple of additions. Those additions however, make all the different. I enjoyed this trailer so much more than the first one.

This trailer revealed what seemed to be a key subplot in the film involving the turtles dealing with their nonhuman identity. Yes that’s right, this turtles film may actually have a rather enticing story to go along with the cartoony action. This trailer did its job, my anticipation of this movie just jumped through the roof. I’m going to keep my expectations low, but I’ve become rather hopeful for this movie.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Trailer 2

I was kind of underwhelmed with this new trailer. Was it good to return to the world of Harry Potter? Of course it was. It just didn’t seem the same to me. I miss the mysticism of Hogwarts. Yes some of the same old features were there, but I’m just not to hot on the setting. Like the last trailer, there wasn’t much revealed in the form of story or plot. I just need more to get me interested in seeing this film besides the Harry Potter connection.

Suicide Squad Blitz Trailer

I’ve been excited about this film for a while not. I have a lot of confidence in David Ayer and both his directing and writing capabilities. This trailer, like the previous one before it, showcases a lot of personality. Again the lighter side of the characters is emphasized. Some might say this was to reassure fans that unlike Batman v. Superman, this film will have some levity.

We got to see a fair bit more of the actual squad and less of Viola Davis, who I think will be wonderful in this film. And yet again more of the Joker has been revealed. It’s starting to look like Joker isn’t just making a brief appearance in this movie. Joker is starting to look more and more like the main antagonist. Honestly the more I see of Jared Leto’s Joker, the more I like it, and I already liked the look of the character to begin with. I still feel like Suicide Squad will be the surprise sleeper hit of the summer, similar to Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014.



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