Reel Talk: Rogue One Trailer

rogue one

Finally Disney has given us a teaser of the newest star wars film to be released this December. Not much was revealed in this teaser, but enough was given to incite curiosity. Of course the plot of the film has been public knowledge since Star Wars Celebration last year about this time. We’ve also seen a few cast photos. It was nice to see them all in action.

This teaser dropped us into familiar territory. The score was quite familiar but with a more menacing twist. The added effect of the alert horn added a dissonant tension that I enjoyed. The main character seems to be rather capable of handling stormtroopers. She seemed to fit within the older star wars environment, familiar hanger bays and command room settings. But the environment wasn’t the only familiar traits of the teaser. Mon Mothma will be playing a role in the film’s plot. I loved how menacing the AT-ATs looked. And of course, we will be seeing Darth Vader.

One of most interesting features of the trailer is the reveal of what appears to be a major villain alongside Darth Vader. This man is obviously of high rank due to the amount of bars on the breast of his uniform. But the most striking aspect of his attire was the sleek, all white look. One infamous empirical officer from the Legends universe also wore a similar style uniform. Could this be Grand Admiral Thrawn, or a version of him?



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