Zootopia Review


According to Box Office Mojo, Zootopia has recently passed 800 million dollars in total world box office revenue. That makes Zootopia, not Batman v. Superman or Deadpool, the highest grossing film of 2016 thus far. In a down week without a major releases that has really drawn my attention (not until the Jungle Book is released), I decided to check out Zootopia. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Zootopia very much exploits the model of Pixar, Disney Animation’s sister company. You have a story heavy in adult themes, disguised in a fantasy setting not too different then our own world. The characters are cute and have mannerisms children can relate too, but there’s complexity under the surface. Like Pixar, Zootopia delivers a tale that will entertain both child and parent alike.

zootopiaThe story is excellent and delivered well. I felt the lead up to the twist that initialized the third act (or ending sequences) felt a little rushed and included an overused troupe. However, it still worked out well. The best part of the story was the organic development of the friendship that blossoms between the two main leads. The relationship develops throughout the film and doesn’t solidify until just the right moment. The main heroine is lovable and relatable for anyone with fanatic dreams and ambitions. You feel a connection with the character from the opening sequence. Despite being a bunny, she goes through some very human situations in her coming-of-age tale.

zootopia lionBut the most interesting aspect of the film was the adult themes. The film is based on the premise that wild animals have evolved past the point where predators and prey live in an ecosystem of survival. Yet there is still a certain mindset regarding certain species. Ultimately, prejudice rears its ugly head in the oasis of Zootopia. This movie can be perceived as a reflection of humanity. Despite our many advances, civilization still can’t seem to reject certain primal fears regarding our own differences.

Zootopia is a fun, entertaining, and clever movie for all ages. It offers a great story that flows well, integrating important adult themes in the progress. There is a reason why this film is out performing Deadpool and Batman v. Superman at the box office. It’s as charming as Deadpool (in its own way), and has a more organized plot that Batman v. Superman.


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