Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Batman v. Superman has caused a bit of a ruckus since its premiere. The Critics have hammered it (You can see my thoughts on that here). It was received more favorably from general audiences. The truth seems to be more towards the middle. I liked the film. I do not think it was great. I do feel as though several opportunities were missed. At times it is a mess and at others there are shades of brilliance. But those moments are rare. However, there is enough execution for there to be hope for the future of the DC cinematic universe.

I liked several things about this film. First of all, I believe Wonder Woman stood out. She didn’t play a large enough roll to be considered the standoff of the movie. But the character was intriguing and Gal Gadot did well enough with what she was given to give hope to those who questioned her casting. Have we seen enough of her to be sold on her carrying the franchise? I’m unsure. I would have liked to have seen a little more of her to be sure.

The theme of the parallels of superheroes and religion was enthralling. I wish the plot would have explored that element further. But unexplored themes and plot lines happened to be one of the movies problems, but more on that later. The parallels between superhero worship and religion is a subject that has been explored before. But we haven’t really seen that unfold on the big screen. Superman is such a great character to explore this with. Especially with the religious parallels of the Superman character and his creation.

I am extremely proud of the method in which the other future justice league members were introduced. This was one of those moments where this film got it right. It was quick and didn’t feel forced at all. Unlike main action of the movie. Don’t get me wrong, the action itself is gorgeous and exciting. There are a few feel good moments the audience enjoyed.

However, the conflict itself just felt rushed. The build up to the conflict was excellent, but the motivation for the battle just seemed disappointing. Then after the battle the sudden friendship was both rushed and unbelievable. It just felt like a missed opportunity to grow these characters and let the alliance form naturally throughout the brawl.

This film also suffered from over dramatization. There is nothing wrong with the darker tone, yet some of the scenes seemed so dramatic that it could pull you out of the magic of the film as you roll your eyes. Perhaps that is just the style of Zack Synder who has a knack for his slo-mo scenes. Yet those scenes were not nearly as annoying as Lois Lane in this film. She was so under-utilized. She played the damsel in distress multiple times and it seemed as through the writers didn’t know what else to do with her.

But by far the most annoy character was Lex Luthor. I tried to like this portrayal of the character, I truly did. However, this Lex wasn’t the powerful, charismatic, intimidating intellectual, but more of a fumbling brat who inherited daddy’s money. But I don’t blame Jesse Eisenberg, I believe the character was written that way. I feel that the writers attempted to give Lex similar characteristics as the Heath Ledger joker character. It doesn’t work.

Is this movie a masterpiece, certainly not? But I would go see it in theaters. It’s good enough to invest in experiencing it on the big screen. This movie isn’t nearly as horrible as the critics proclaim. Hopefully, Warner Bros can make the necessary corrections in the next slate of films.


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