Reel Talk: Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, & Madea


There is something strange in the Internet Nerd Community, who they gonna blame, Ghostbusters. What is with all the vitriol surrounding this trailer. The internet nerd community is freaking out. Everyone just needs to calm down.

This is a beloved franchise with millions of fans. So of course a remake/reboot of the franchise is going to cause some negative feedback. However, the fan over reaction to this trailer has been surprising. I actually found the trailer interesting. Clearly it’s a new movie with a new team but from the first words of the trailers, it’s clear there will be throwbacks to the old franchise.

There are a couple of nostalgia rich moments, yet still this trailer has predicated bellicose reactions.  I’ve been excited about this collection of actresses since they were announced. I still feel like this will be Leslie Jones Hollywood coming out party. She is hilarious on Saturday Night Live and I can’t wait to see how her unique humor translates onto the big screen. All in all, this trailer was enough to convince me to keep an eye on this film as its premiere date closes in this July.

BOO! A Madea Halloween

This teaser was short and sweet. Tyler Perry’s unique style of cultural humor is front and center in this teaser.  Logically, there isn’t anything in this teaser that screams watch this movie. However, I have to admit against logic that I’m a fan of Tyler Perry’s. I find his blend of religion and cultural humor in his films both entertaining and refreshing. The premise of the film sounds ridiculous, but again, I’ll probably end up catching this film at some point so who am I kidding.

Game of Thrones Season 6

It has become an annual ritual of spring. Every year brings another season of Game of Thrones. This year, the show has finally caught up and surpassed the books. My ire for how George R. R. Martin could allow this to happen is a completely different rant. The fact remains that for the first time, no one has anything solid to base speculation on. If you hadn’t guessed, yes I was one of those pretentious book readers who knew about every single cruel twist before they happened.

Not having any irkling of the events that ensue made this trailer even more enthralling. This trailer did its job perfectly. We got a peak into the new season but without any revelations of the plot. However, there was enough to garner some hints. Sansa seems to have found safety in the North. Arya is still blind. The Lannisters are facing a religious rebellion of sorts. The Greyjoys will be making a return into the great game. And the mother of Dragons herself is amongst a familiar group of people.  But I have to say, there was just too much of dead John Snow for it not to mean something. We’ll see when the new season premiere this April 24th.



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