Fuller House: First Thoughts

fuller houseFuller House has received mixed reviews. There is a lot of criticism for the initial episode. Sure there are some corny moments, and it certainly relies heavily on nostalgia. However, with the nostalgia, come some feel good moments and a few digs at itself.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously. Those who fell in love with the original will find themselves right at home with this sequel series. The spirit of the original show has a strong presence. Even the premise is identical.

The actors nailed the characters as if they never stopped playing them. The older cast members seem to easily fall back into their roles from two decades ago. John Stamos looks like he may have aged three years if that, which makes the punch line of a few jokes. The old child stars of yesteryear fall back into their rolls without missing a beat. The characters feel like older extensions of the original children.

The show really comes into its own a few episodes in, when the old children are allowed to shine separate of the old adult figures. The new additions to the cast take a while to get used to, but fit well with the tone of the show. There are seriously quite a few moments I actually found myself laughing out loud. Yet, like the Full House of the early 90s, each episode has some life lesson to learn for at least one of the characters involved.

The show-runners have really pulled off a show that is true to its roots but can carry itself into future seasons. If you really enjoy the 90s, old style family sitcoms this show is right down your alley. For those who don’t but still feel like checking it out. Lower your expectations, relax your mind, and you might find leisure in this show. I found it surprisingly enjoyable and believe most people will.


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