Nerd 5s: Five Most Anticipate Summer Movies

These are the five most anticipated films of the summer blockbuster season. For clarification, I defined this as theatrical releases in the months of May through August.

Xmen Apocalypse

X-Men-ApocalypseAs a huge fan of the Xmen franchise, of course I’m excited about this movie. Days of Future Past released in 2014 was, and still is one of my favorite comicbook adaptations to date. This time, Director Bryan Singer is supposed to be pushing the envelope even further with another massive cast of characters. The previous installment juggled the plethora of characters seamlessly. Can this new installment work just as well.

Speaking of the cast, this film will also be a transition of sorts as the new First Class cast, has become the old cast. The introduction of young Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, and Jubilee among other notable villains seems like a bold shift into the future of the franchise.

There is great potential for this film. Apocalypse is one of the greatest villains within the Xmen universe. His powers are formidable but what makes him so dastardly, is his commitment to his belief and his charismatic charm to will others to fight for him. This collection of henchmen, known as the Four Horsemen, are almost as revered in the comic franchise a Apocalypse himself.

This version of the Horsemen will introduce Psylocke, who is looking amazing and true to the essence of her comicbook counterpart. Among her ranks will be Magneto, Storm, and Archangel (Who I’m especially excited to see). Here is to hoping Singer once again pulls off an amazing film.

Captain America Civil War

captain-america-civil-war-posterHow can you be a geek and not get hyped about this film. Civil War is my favorite event Marvel has created in my history of reading comics. There is just something about the gravity of the core issue involved. Civil War was Marvel taking a bold step into reality and holding up a mirror so that we could see our reflections. There was no good and evil, no right and wrong, just different political opinions that divided a community of superheroes.

Granted this film will not be as massive as Marvel Comics 2007 event. Not all of the same players are involved. The ending will most certainly be different. I do fill that the essence of the story will remain. The heroes that the MCU has so carefully crafted up until this point will find themselves at odds with one another because of varying thoughts on a socio-global issue. One thing leads to another and WAR! BLACK PANTHER! MAYBE EVEN DEATH! OH THE HUMANITY!

There’s no doubt now why Marvel didn’t flinch when DC announced Superman v. Batman on the same release date (Yeah remember that, that almost happened). Too bad we didn’t get to see a weekend of showdowns as originally intended. Regardless, the movie is only a short three months away. Until then, I’m sure we will be inundated with tv spots and trailers to curve the appetite.


This could be the one. This could be the Neo of videogame adaptations. You have a movie that looks true to the game asthetically, check. You have an intriguing plot, check. Multiple good trailers, yep that’s a check. A studio that seems confident enough in the final product to leave it scheduled in the middle of Blockbuster season. That’s also a check. The momentum is certainly in the films corner.

Now there are only two questions left to be answered. Is it a good movie and how will it perform at the box office. Even if it is a good film, if it doesn’t generate the cash, videogame adaptations will flounder again. That will be a vote of no confidence from the consumers.

I’m rooting for this movie and I hope it’s good. There are so many video game stories that could provide an interesting and fun cinematic experience. None of them happen without one of these films breaking that glass ceiling.

Suicide Squad

Suicide-Squad-Harly-Quinn-Dead-Shot-coversThis movie screams personality. It has a great cast. The tone is reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy, at least in the second trailer.  And it is co-written and directed by David Ayer who has a skill with crafting gritty, street level films. He’s also great for molding character stories. He is the perfect storyteller to trust with a film full of villain protagonists.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Honestly, I’m looking forward to this film more so than Batman v Superman or Civil War. I’m sure both of those titles will be great films. Suicide Squad just has an aura about it that is hard to explain. David Ayer has a great track record with quality, character driven films. This type of movie uniquely fits into his wheelhouse. I have a feeling this could be the surprise of 2016 superhero films much in the way Guardians and the Galaxy was in 2014.Even if its box office isn’t stellar, do not be surprised if it is one of the better overall movies of the comicbook genre this year.

Secret Life of Petssecret life of pets

Yes, this is probably my biggest surprise on this list. In a year with so many nerd films (granted Superman v Batman releases in March not the summer) I selected an animated feature about talking pets. Sure it may seem strange, but every year there are a few animated films that surprise the box office. This is a family friendly movie that I believe might just be able to pull that off.

It’s had a great marketing campaign so the exposure is there. The humor of the film has dominated the trailers thus far. The only thing we lacked was a little more insight into the plot and story. We got that with the most recent trailer. This film will be entertaining and offer a few good laughs. Plus it’ll be nice to have a date night out to theaters for a film both me and the wife actually both want to see.


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