Marvel’s Darth Vader First Year: Final Thoughts

Darth Vader 001This review covers Darth Vader issues #1 through the Vader Down Crossover Event

The Marvel Darth Vader comic has been as enthralling as its flagship counterpart. Actually, in some ways even this comic has been more engaging. This comic has found a way to turn a villain sympathetic yet at the same time expand on his evil streak. These are factors that have made this first year of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic so enticing.

The best part of the Darth Vader comic is the insight in which the comic gives the reader into the mind and actions of Darth Vader. After the events of Episode IV, Darth Vader has been shamed by the failure of the Death Star. With this shame, Darth Vader experienced a bit of a demotion. He has refocused his ire on locating the pilot who destroyed the Death Star. Of course this search will tie into the events of Episode V.

Another interesting aspect of this comic series is insight into Vader’s and Palpatine’s relationship. As is evident throughout the Prequels, Palpatine is apt to discard an apprentice in favor of a new one if it advances his plans. Darth Vader’s failure has prompted Palpatine to search for new unconventional means to produce rivals to strengthen his apprentice, or to possibly replace him if necessary. Essentially this comic’s main plot has been to answer two major questions from Episode V. How did he learn of Luke’s identity and why did such a loyal soldier offer to overthrow the emperor with his son’s help.

I’d be remised if I didn’t mention the supporting cast of new characters this comic has introduced into the canon. Aphra, a resourceful youth who have allied herself with Vader shares the spotlight with Vader. In a small way, this relationship is similar to a darker version of his mentorship with Ahsoka. BeeTee and Triple Zero are essentially evil versions of R2 and C3P0. At first, the inclusion of evil droids seemed like overkill. However, admittedly the droids have hadn’t a dark humor that had added to the entertainment of the comic series. For those who played the old Xbox game Knights of the Old Republic, the evil droids are of the same bloodthirsty irk as HK-47.

Ultimately Marvel’s Darth Vader is worth checking out. This is especially true for Darth Vader fans. For most of the run thus far, Darth Vader has outdone its flagship counterpart. This series has even influenced the events of Vader Down, the first crossover event of the Marvel Star Wars line. So far, the Darth Vader comic has been worthy of sharing the Star Wars canon.


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