Marvel’s Star Wars, First Year: Final Thoughts

This review covers Star Wars  #1 through the Vader Down Crossover Event

Thus far Marvel has done a marvelous job (see what I did there) with this franchise in comic book form. Any Star Wars fan who is considering picking up the title or checking out the trade paperback, fear not. Marvel is during a good job of establishing a new expanded canon universe in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Of course, any die hard Star Wars fan cannot look to the new canon without being reminded of the previous expanded universe. Sadly the days of the New Jedi Order, the Solo-twins, and Yuuzhan Vong invaders from unknown galaxies are over (at least for now). How does the universe compare thus far? Is the new worthy to usurp the old?

First of all, the first arc kicking off the first story in the new Star Wars canon in the comics feels very much like a star wars film. The panels are very cinematic. The art is fantastic, and the characterization is spot on. The writing of the characters, their dialogue, and the interaction between the characters is true to their film counterparts.

Everything about the stories initially is almost a carbon copy of the flms in a new setting. Of course as the issues progress, the new unique take on the new canon began to become identifiable. Everything is connected and the overall story Marvel is crafting truly connects film four to film five. Even the newer characters are providing a new and different perspective of the universe. One of the subplots that is of particular interest is the establishment of Luke’s search for old Jedi temples. This even links the Star Wars comic to Episode VII.  Also of interest is the extra backstory of Ben Kenobi and his time on Tatooine. Every arc or so, Kenobi gets a one-shot issue crafting his tale of protecting Luke as a warrior hermit.


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