Before I get into all the feels that come with an announcement like this, perhaps I should share a little back story into my experiences with DC Comics. Of course with everyone in my generation, I grew up with the classic Superfriends animated series. That was my introduction to the DC Universe. Of course there were various other animated and live action series that contributed to my nerdiness. But over time, Green Lantern and Batman rose above the others.

I jumped into the Green Lantern books specifically right after Green Lantern Rebirth and into what I consider one of the greatest Comic book runs of any title by any company in the Geoff Johns Green Lantern run. The Sinestro War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, these were amazing stories that stretched the bounties of Green Lantern while keeping to his core competency. That was what Geoff Johns was speaking of in the announcement clip. Breaking down the characters and comic series to the essence of what makes them great stories.

The Geoff Johns announcement seems to be a return to form. Essentially, DC has done some reflecting and decided to return their entire universe back to its core competency. This is great news to here coming from a company that has experienced several changes this past couple of years. In the past two years, DC Comics has experienced consolidation and a shifting of headquarters from the east coast to the west. Corresponding with adjustments to their corporate structure, the titles have also experienced a convergence. For characters and titles that have ping-ponged from crisis to crisis, DC has of sorts begun to experience its own identity crisis (Low hanging fruit, I had to).

Slowly over the years, for various reasons, my DC lineup dwindled. After New 52 I adjusted. I still tried to check out cheaper back issues of Batman and Green Lantern. However, once rumors of convergence began to surface along with ideas of Secret Wars going on at Marvel, I decided I had time and money for only one massive brain shattering event to invest in. I haven’t touched DC since. Even my favorites Batman and Green Lantern, have exited my regular pull and have for a while now.

But it seems DC has found its strategic direction under the guidance of Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. And there couldn’t be a better storyteller directing the flow. Hopefully DC will get back to what it has always been know for, creating great character driven stories. I guess you could say I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. I haven’t been this excited about DC Comics in years. I just hope my excitement isn’t in vain.


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