Reel Talk: April Sleepers

The Jungle Book

The first thing that strikes you when watching this trailer is how magnificently beautiful this trailer looks. This film is going to be gorgeous. More importantly, everything visible, besides the human kid, is CGI. The attention to detail is amazing. Technology has advanced to the point where we can now create a realistic animated retelling of a classic Disney animation.

Another feature of this trailer was an unveiling of the animals as characters. Previous trailers revealed very little dialogue or personality of the animals. The strongest hint was the whistling of a familiar tune as the bear and the child floated down the river. This trailer gave us characters in spades as well as some hints of the plot.

For me, this trailer sealed the deal. I’m shifted from not really caring if I see this film in theaters to, I feel this is going to be a must see movie this year. Now I could just be drinking the corporate kool-aid and buying into the hype. However, this movie looks beautiful and Disney doesn’t fond of disgracing its classics. The Jungle Book could easily be a sleeper in April, right on the cusp of blockbuster season.


Two friends attempt to infiltrate an urban street gang to recover their lost pet cat. Of course that sounds ridiculous. Which is one reason this movie has the potential to be really funny. Add Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, stars of the stretch comedy show Key and Peele. Now that potential has heightened further.

This trailer certainly displayed some of that potential. There were some funny spots and enough of a revelation of the main plot to generate some interest. Honestly, Key and Peele are both hilarious acts, especially in tandem. I have confidence in this film, even after just one trailer. Granted, it will take another trailer or two before I go around recommending this film in what appears to be a rather soft April slate.



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