Spotlight On: E.X.O.-The Legend of Wale Williams Kickstarter

Every now and then, upon our rummages of the internet, you discover something truly special. You find a story that is so inspiring and unique that it sticks with you. Thus is the case with Roye Okupe and E.X.O. –The Legend of Wale Williams. Roye is a superhero fan who decided to use his creativity to represent those who do not have much of a voice in the comicbook industry.

Roye, like most of us, is simply a fan of comicbooks and geek culture. He credits The Teenage Mutants Teenage Turtles 80’s cartoon for sparking his fandom. But through his insatiable consumption of everything superhero, he noticed a major issue in the lack of proportionality of minority characters in mainstream comics. This was especially true for superheroes and characters  that originate and revolved around Africa. Because of this misrepresentation of minority superheroes, Roye decided to create YouNeek Studios and has been in the process of creating his own universe of comic characters.

Thus the idea of E.X.O.-The Legend of Wale Williams was born. The First Graphic Novel of The Legend of Wale Williams was released in August 2015. You can check out the first finished graphic novel here. Roye has created a graphic novel that the industry desperately needs. Roye’s creation not only features minority superheroes and villains, but feature characters who originate from Nigeria, Africa. The finished product and Roye’s story has been featured on Forbes, CNN, The Huffington Post, and Mashable.

Of course a project of this multitude is daunting for one person. To create a quality graphic novel, you need ability, imagination, and resources. Roye had the ability and the imagination. The final step was gathering the resources. Kickstarter was his means to achieve the resources he needed.

His first Kickstarter in April of last year was a huge success, crushing its initial goal. Now the creator of E.X.O. has begun another Kickstarter. With fan support, Roye and YouNeek Studios will continue creating new content in the YouNeek Universe.

The goal is to garner enough support and fandom through producing a quality product that major networks begin to take notice. There is a vision for an entire slate of content based in this new universe including, an animated series and possibly a live-action feature. But to succeed, YouNeek Studios needs the support of fans. So head over to the E.X.O.-The Legend of Wale Williams Kickstarter by clicking here and support this project.


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