Reel Talk: Suicide Squad and The Free State of Jones

Free States of Jones

As the history buff that I am, I enjoy seeing the recreation of history on the big screen. The Free State of Jones is a period piece taking place during the Civil War. Any movie set in such a rich historical backdrop is sure to garner my attention.

I wasn’t aware of the production of this movie. Honestly, even if I had, with a name like the free state of Jones and a leading actor such as Matthew McConaughey, I probably would have assumed it was an Oscar bait film about some personal story. That would be an improper assumption. That’s why we have trailers, to alert of moviegoers of films that don’t necessarily have the hype of blockbusters, but deserve notice. (Actually trailers are marketing tools of production to generate the highest profit return for a theatric release, but let’s not get too technical here.)

This film looks really good. The narrative sounds even better. This will be a tale that hasn’t been told too often. Sure the main plot has been told before. You have two different types of separated cultural societies who are supposed to hate each other, end up banding together to face a common enemy. But few times is that story told in the backdrop of the Civil War. Somehow, I’m going to have to fit this movie into a busy Blockbuster season, when it comes out this May 13th.


Suicide Squad

Personality, that is the only way to describe this trailer. This is probably the most fun, interesting and complete trailer I’ve seen since Guardians of the Galaxy. Ironically, I’ve felt like Suicide Squad could be a Guardians of the Galaxy type of film for the blossoming DC cinematic universe for a while now. This trailer could be good without the presence of Bohemian Rhapsody. However, with the addition of the classic rock song, this trailer becomes great. This trailer alone will generate interest in this movie.

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of Joker. Joker is prominent for a majority of the second half of the trailer. That could mean nothing, or it could mean the Joker will play a larger role in this film then most have estimated.

Regardless, this movie is primed for a surprising performance at the box office. If it can follow up with another solid trailer and produce a good marketing campaign, this film could easily surprise some pundits come this August. With a movie slate including Batman v. Superman and Captain America Civil War, Suicide Squad won’t be making the most anticipated list of too many people. But watch out for this film. David Ayer is an accomplished writer and director with writing credits of Training Day, The original Fast and Furious movie, and Fury which he also directed. He is also a co-writer and a director for Suicide Squad. This movie could end up the best film of a stacked comicbook movie year.



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