Reel Talk: Trailer Reactions 12/17/2015

Xmen Apocalypse

For those that do not know already, I am a huge fan of the Xmen. Whether it’s the animated series as a child, to the many comicbook lines through the years, all the movies, etc., I love the Xmen. If you read my take on the top modern comicbook film adaptations HERE, you know that I hold Xmen: Days of Future Past in high esteem. I expect no different from its sequel Xmen: Apocalypse.

The early Comic Con trailer causes quite a buzz online regarding the appearance of Apocalypse. He doesn’t look like Ivan Ooze anymore. I had no doubt Bryan Singer would get this film in order.

As for the trailer itself, all of the four horsemen look great. We finally get a good look at Archangel with his metallic wings. It also appears as if Mystique will be taking on a leadership role among the group of mutants. I’m sure we’ll get another trailer or two before the premiere, but I don’t need them, I’m already hooked. I’ll definitely be catching this film this May 2016.

Netflix’s Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

When I heard Netflix investing in a CTHD sequel I was stunned. Over the past couple of years, Netflix has really stepped up its game. For those of you who do not have an account and have access to internet, its $10 a month and you get HBO quality original content.

But I’m not here to advocate for Netflix. The trailer to CTHD: Sword of Destiny was everything I wanted it to be. You have returning characters, great martial arts special effects, plenty of action, and a peak into the story of the film. As a fan of Martial Arts movies, I’ll be checking this movie out Feburary 26th 2016.

Jane’s Got a Gun

I am a sucker for westerns. It’s just a genre that has grown on me as I’ve aged into a young man. This movie looks to have the same troupes as all westerns but spins them on their head. We have a female gunslinger heroine instead of a man.

The plot itself is simple, but all western’s plots are. We need more good westerns from Hollywood. This is a genre I’d love to see gain some stream and return to form. This movie has garnered my interest and I’ll be on the lookout for it January 29th. It’s a January film so it shouldn’t have much competition at the box office.



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