Nerd 5: Most Anticipate Comicbook Movies of the Future

Who Made The Cut

    For the past two months I have identified the 5 comicbook movies I feel represent the very best of two very different eras. This time I get to relax a little bit and explore some speculation. This edition of the newly titled Nerd 5, I outline the five comicbook movies I’m most looking forward too. There are plenty of films to get excited for. Thor Ragnarok, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, which ones made the cut?

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  • Black Panther
  • This is a pivotal film. It’s not generating mass speculation. It’s not central to a cinematic universal plot, at least there is no ties to that so far. But this will be the first Black protagonist hero in a standalone film since Blade (If you consider him to be a hero). How this film is received at the box office, right or wrong, could influence the future of comicbook films starring minority and female characters for a generation.

    Marvel has been meticulous in its hunt for a director but is having difficulty landing a major coveted director. The shift of Black Panther from the summer of 2017 to February of 2018 is another sign Marvel is taking caution with this film. It’ll be more difficult to fail in a month that is normally associated with horrible theatrical releases. Nonetheless, I’ll be keeping a careful eye on this project as it progresses.

    • Avengers Infinity War Part 1 & 2

    infinity Gauntlet
    There is no contest to this film. This movie is the penultimate chapter of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. This is the climate to a series of stories that started with the release of Iron Man in 2008. No company in the history of film has attempted something as brazen and bold. And the most beautiful part, it actually has the feel of a giant comicbook crossover like in the comics. Of course that was probably the feeling Kevin Feige at Marvel was going for.

    Seeing the interactions of the cast along will be outrageous. No official casting has been released, but we can assume that all of the avengers plus most of the heroes from all of Marvel’s film will be involved in some capability. This film is a big deal.

    • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Another film that is a big deal is the approaching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The reasons for my excitement of this film are twofold. First of all, it’s Batman vs Superman. This is a nerd’s dream match-up. This is the “Thrilla in Manila.” This is the greatest tale of brawn versus brains. And the most interesting part of this conflict is that no matter the outcome, half of the internet will lose their minds. No one who has picked a side will be able to accept their chosen champions defeat.

    The second reason is what this movie could lead too. It’s no secret Warner Bros and DC covet what Disney and Marvel have built. DC wants its own Cinematic Universe and is obviously jump-starting the process by diving right into a Justice League project. I look for this movie to strongly hint at other potential league members. We know based on the casting that Aquaman and Wonder Woman are making an appearance, and its highly likely that Flash who has been cast already and Cyborg, also cast will be in the movie.

    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

    Guardians of the Galaxy was possibly the breakout hit of 2014. It surprised a lot of moviegoers and pundits alike. I figured the film would be good. Marvel had a good track record. However, I was amazed at not only how likable this movie was, but how much of a fun ride it was as well.

    The subject matter of Guardians was far from your usual action comedy. This movie is as much science fiction as it is a comicbook movie. That was part of its charm. The movie at times seemed like an amalgamation of Avengers and Star Wars. Every character was utilized without much waste. But one of the greatest aspects of the movie was the characters and the character interactions. I can’t wait to see what their next adventure entails and how it unfolds.

    • Xmen: Apocalypse

    As discussed in part 2 of this 3 part series, I hold Xmen: Days of Future Past in high regard. The movie is near perfect. It offers the perfect blend of drama without taking itself too seriously. It’s paced well, carefully balancing the future Xmen with the past versions. The threat to the heroes is legitimate and you really feel for their plight.

    I’m excited to see how Bryan Singer plans to follow up with that masterpiece. I am aware of the fan backlash revolving around the Ivan Ooze appearance of Apocalypse. The film was still early in production when those Comic Con previews were released. I’m confident that by the time this movie is released the look of the character will be much improved. I also disregard the idea that the stench of a lackluster (that’s putting it lightly) Fantastic Four film will carry over into the Xmen Franchise.

    Apocalypse is one of the Xmen’s greatest villains and his four horsemen are iconic henchmen. Thus far Psylocke, Storm, and Magneto will be joining Archangel as members of the Four Horsemen. The confrontation between these villains and a stacked Xmen roster will be visually stunning. Hopefully the script will follow suit with a story that has equal potential.


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