Empire’s Suicide Squad Covers

New Images From Suicide Squad Emerge

Image from Empire Online
Image from Empire Online

Creepy! Haunting! Disturbing! These are all words that first came to mind when the first images of Jared Leto’s take on the Joker were released. And that’s exactly the reaction the Joker should impress. The internet seems to be finally coming around to this new Joker. I never agreed with the initial outcry. The Joker character is a psychopathic, murdering sociopath. I believe this image of the Joker accurately partrays a realistic version of such a character, dare I say even more so than Heath Ledger’s version. That’s not to say that Leto will ultimately be better, that’s yet to be determined. DC and Warner Bros are attempting to create a grounded universe of superheroes that can be scientifically explained. This Joker fits in that universe.


The casting of Deadshot was the second most controversial issue surrounding the Suicide Squad. I was shocked when Will Smith was cast as Deadshot. Consequently, several other A-list stars declined the role of Captain Boomerang once Will Smith was announced. However, this is not the spotlight role that Will Smith normally goes for. Maybe they tweaked the script to accommodate him.

Could his performance in Suicide Squad revitalize his status as a premiere actor in Hollywood? Perhaps, but more likely, Will Smith is realizing that the trend in Hollywood seems to be these massive ensemble castings for big budget films. Take Robert Downey Jr. for example. Iron Man relaunched his career. Who knows where playing the character of Deadshot will lead Big Willie. For a guy as talented as he is, I hope to see him around the DC Cinematic Universe for years to come.


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