Rapid Reactions: The Official Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

The Force Awakens Trailer is here!

Words can not express the elation that befell the pulse of entertainment and geek culture last night. Disney finally released the trailer to the newest Star Wars film. With the trailer, a plethora of new, never before seen footage was revealed. Giving us our closest hint at the plot since the explosion of information dropped during Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April.

So what all was revealed in the brief peak the trailer gave us. For one, the trailer does an excellent job of crafting a story. The voice overs introduce who must be the three main characters of the flick. I’m willing to go so far as to claim that all three of these characters will be sharing the spotlight as the new big 3 of the Star Wars franchise. It also appears one of my wishes discussed in a previous article, Top 5 things I want to see in Star Wars Episode VII is coming true. We are getting a female protagonist, possibly a female Skywalker.

But the storytelling does not stop there. It continues by integrating the mysticism that made the original theory so timeless. Han’s voice can be heard telling Finn and Rey, our new generation of heroes, that all the legends of the dark side and the Jedi are true and not myth.

There is a fair amount of nostalgia factored into this trailer. J.J. Abrams as been adamant that he is crafting a story that would do the original trilogy justice. There are several elements within the trailer that callback to the original films. Rey, staring into the distance at the departing ship. This moment echoes Luke’s infamous double sunset scene from Episode IV. The crisped helmet of Darth Vader held in the hands of someone who desperately wishes to emulate him. The desert planet of Jakku is reminiscent of Tatooine. The familiar score playing in the background. All are tributes to the originals.

Will Episode VII live up to the hype. That is yet to be decided. However, thus far it seems to at least be a good film. If we are lucky, maybe it will even be great. One thing is becoming more and more abundantly clear. This film will model the original trilogy in so far as telling a compelling story.



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