Speculations: Captain America Civil War Part 2 of 2


In part 1 of this speculation, the potential members of Team Captain America were discussed. In Part 2, it’s time to guess who Team Iron Man will be composed of. Again, this list will be arranged in order of certainty. The most certain appears first, and least certain last. Finally, some fringe characters and yet to be introduced characters like Black Panther and Spiderman will be studied. These wildcards will then be placed on one side or the other.

Team Iron Man

War Machine: Rhodey is Tony Stark’s best friend so obviously he will side with Iron Man. Rhodey was also a high ranking military officer in the Air Force. I could be mistaken, but I believe he was still actively flying missions as Iron Patriot for the government when the events of Iron Man 3 occurred. Thus when the lines are drawn, War Machine will side with his friend and his employer.

Thunderbolt Ross: It’s great to see this character return to the Marvel Universe. With his inclusion, we can speculate that the military will be heavily involved in this film. Thunderbolt Ross is not fond of Hulk. I’m sure those feelings are reciprocated towards other super powered vigilantes. Could we see hints of the Red Hulk by the end of the film? Wouldn’t that be interesting. The Hulk is not slated for a solo film at this point. But if they wanted to explore keeping the Hulk around after the events of Infinity War, a Red Hulk Easter egg would not be a bad idea.

Vision: The Vision is a fairly fresh character having been birthed in Age of Ultron. Vision is a robot. It’s fair to surmise that a robot A.I. would think very analytically and logically. Regulating superheroes seems rational and logical. It’s easier to keep everyone in line if you have a database of collected data on the growing crowd of superheroes and villains. There are already pieces in motion regarding just such an index in the Agents of Shield television series. Vision could play a role in that database. Also, being an evolution of JARVIS, Vision may still have some fondness for his half daddy Tony Stark.

Scarlet Witch: Wanda is still a bit of a wildcard. She could easily side with Capt in this conflict. However, I feel her connect with Vision (there was some hints of a budding attraction in Age of Ultron) will link her to Team Tony.

The Wildcards

Lady Sif & Thor: Jaime Alexander, the actress who portrays Lady Sif confirmed that Civil War will tie-in to Thor: Ragnarok. Could this mean Thor will play a role in some capacity to the outcome of the conflict? Or possibly just Lady Sif will make an appearance to bridge the events of Midgard and Asgard. Either way, its difficult to surmise just what role the two would play.

In the comics story arc, Thor initially fights for the Registration side but ends up on Capt.’s side (Well the details are complicated and full of spoilers which I will not delve into for those who wish to check out the trade paperback). In Age of Ultron, Vision and Thor have a brief skirmish but seem to end the film as buddies. Could that fight factor into Thor’s choice?

I’d love to see Thor join in on the festivities of this movie, but I don’t think he will. The Asgardian representative in the conflict will be Lady Sif who will play a very minor role. I don’t think she will side with anyone. As for Thor, I believe he will be the only main Marvel character besides Fury that will not be represented in this film. Yes, that includes the Hulk, more on that subject later.

Spider-Man: Another wildcard is Spiderman, a fresh face to the MCU. In the Marvel Comics Event, Spiderman played a pivotal role for both sides. Initially remaining neutral, ultimately Parker sided with Tony and revealed his identity. This caused serious ramifications for him, his friends, and his family. Eventually, he switched sides once he saw the levels in which Tony would stoop to enforce his beliefs.

When the Spiderman deal between Sony and Marvel was announced, many wondered if Spiderman would have a similar role in the film. While the announcement of Holland as the new Spiderman was announced when Civil War was still in production, the movie had been filming for nearly two months already. So the chances of Spiderman playing as key a role in this movie as the comics source material is slim. However, I believe he will appear and make some noise, just not as a focal point of the plot.

I don’t think they will go the route of having him reveal his identity for two main reasons. One, they chose a young Spiderman still early in his superhero career. Revealing himself as a high school student that wasn’t even old enough to join the army wouldn’t set well with the government. Second, revealing his identity now would limit the coming of age stories Marvel and Sony could use for his trilogy of films. Spiderman will make a couple of appearances on the side of Capt., possibly aiding his team’s flight from Thunderbolt Ross’s pursuit, but he will not be a main player in this film.

Sharon Carter: Sharon Carter is a shield agent who is a descent of Peggy Carter (Who has a pretty good Television series by the way). She was tasked with spying/protecting Captain America in the previous Captain America film. Her inclusion into this movie is very curious.

She could definitely be a love interest of Steve Rogers. As a Shield agent, she could tie-in that agency’s stake in the issue between the heroes. She might could also provide hints as to why Fury is missing. This of course is all due to the assumption that she is still with Shield after the Hydra infiltration.

Her perspective could be interesting. She is a government agent essentially, and would see the Registration Act through a law enforcement perspective. So who does she side with? I feel at first she will be on the side of law and therefore joins with Tony, only to defect to Steve Rogers by the end of the film.

Bruce Banner, but not the other guy: He has not been confirmed as of yet; however, Mark Ruffalo has stated that he heard he will be in the movie. It’s hard to doubt him. Besides, Thunderbolt Ross is officially confirmed for the film, why not use the opportunity to revisit some Hulk angst from his solo film. Hulk may not show up but Bruce Banner will. Banner and Stark have had a bromance since The Avengers. Banner will show up and finally turns himself in to Thunderbolt for the safety of mankind. This could be the equivalent of Spiderman’s unmasking in the comics event.

Fury: Samuel L. Jackson has not been confirmed for Captain America: Civil War. Chances are likely that he does not appear in the film at all, which is strange. It raises the question of what role if any Shield has to play in this movie. It’s hard to believe that Fury’s pet project The Avengers will implode, its members squabbling, and he’s off drinking cocktails on a beach somewhere.

Black Panther: T’Challa’s role will be huge in this movie. When Civil War was announced, The Black Panther’s actor, Chadwick Boseman was featured along side of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Those three characters will be the main drivers of the plot for the film. Black Panther will be the “Spiderman” figure of this story. He will initially remain neutral, get courted by Tony, but eventually align with Steve Rogers in the end. This will be the introduction to this character, which is due to receive a feature film in 2018.

So what do the final line-ups look like? At the beginning through the middle of the movie the line-ups will be as follows. After the second act allegiances will shift as the villains become incorporated into the struggle. Ultimately they reunite to encounter Baron Zemo and Crossbones.

Team Capt.: Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, & Spiderman

Team Iron Man: War Machine, Thunderbolt Ross, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Sharon Carter, & Bruce Banner

Neutral Parties: Black Panther & the Asgardians


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