Vault of Gems: The Warriors

Vault of Gems: The Warriors

The Warriors is a fun flick released in 1979. The plot is simple and has been done several times before and since the release of this film. It’s the adventure of a hero’s return home. However, the manner in which this journey is executed is what makes The Warriors stand out.

Nine members of a gang hailing from Coney Island travel to a concave of all of New York’s gangsters. At the Gangster’s prep rally, which is supposed to be free of weapons, one gang decides to bring a lone pistol. Well imagine that, gangsters ignoring rules and packing heat. As New York’s finest converge on the meeting, shenanigans ensure. The Warriors get caught in the crossfire as the gangs disperse. Then the story truly beings as the Warriors have to bop their way home in hostile territory where every gang in New York wants their heads.

The Warriors is a fun flick that was released in 1979. Over time it has become a cult classic. Still yet, few have seen it. The Warriors is an older film, and being so have features that are noticeably dated. However, I do not feel the material is so dated that they distract the viewer from the action on the screen. In fact, it’s the dated dialogue and cultural references that give this movie its charm.

One thing The Warriors does well is tell a story with engaging characters. All nine of the members are unique and the casting is incredibly diverse. Some of the characters you root for, some you dislike, yet others you just wonder what is going on inside their head. But regardless you connect with all of the warriors as they attempt to return home, and not all of them make it home.

Adding to the fun, is the colorful 1970s cast of villains. Each gang has their own gimmick unique to them. This leads to some interesting confrontations. My favorite happens to involve roller-skates and a bathroom brawl.

The Warriors is an entertaining and fun movie. This movie was Sons of Anarchy long before that series existed. This movie connects with the brotherhood of community. The warriors may disagree with each other. They bicker and fight, but when trouble arises they have each others’ back. I discovered The Warriors when I was in High School. So the film has a nostalgic quality reminiscent of old sports teams and social clubs of the high school and college years.

The Warriors is currently available on Netflix as of the posting of this article.

If you enjoyed this segment then feel free to check out last month’s selection for Vault of Gems. Vault of Gems: The Last Dragon. Also, follow me on Twitter @RemoteXpression to interact with me and for more reactions, expressions, and speculations on entertainment culture.


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