Reaction: Batman v Superman Comic Con Trailer

Ok, I have to preface this article by stating that I was originally one of the Affleck doubters. Yeah I freaked out a bit when Ben Affleck was cast just as everyone else did. As the past couple years have gone by and I rationalized the choice, my criticism has subsided into acceptance and even agreement with the selection. However, even though I have retracted my reservations for a while now, I feel the need to publicly shove my foot in my mouth after watching the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con trailer. Affleck is going to be a good Batman and a good Batman director and if there were any haters before the trailer, they have been silenced.

You know a trailer is great, when you get hype watching it. This trailer was so awesome. I have not felt this excited about a trailer since The Force Awakens teasers. There was action, explosions, pain, batman battling Superman, etc. Let’s dive into some of the trailer.

This trailer exudes emotion. If this film ends up as anything like this trailer, it will be amazing. Both of the main characters are heroes in their own way. Yet it feels as though this movie may explore two different psychological methods of what a superhero is. Superman is a god-like figure. Batman is just bitter, angry, and rich. Both men have achieved their own version of heroism, and those ideologies disagree.

Some people don’t care for the mechanized Batman suit with the blank eyes. I love it! It is homage to the comics. I also loved the fact that events from the previous film in the franchise was not skirted over and ignored. It appeared as though someone close to Batman has fallen victim during the General Zod boss fight from Man of Steel, and Bruce Wayne is pissed. I can’t wait to see Zack Synder’s vision of a confrontation between Bruce and Supes. I could be mistaken, but when Superman rips the Batmobile’s roof off, Batman is not in his mech armor. Perhaps we will get multiple fights between Superman and Batman.

We also get a brief glimpse at Wonder Woman on the big screen. We’ll have to wait and see what role she plays in the film. Judging by the trailer her presence will be felt, but will be minuet. If true that’s good news, as the focus will be on Batman and Superman which we all want right. I think Gal Gadot will make a strong showing in the film and I hope she turns out to be a good Wonder Woman. We need more diversity in the superhero genre. If she is received well, then we will see more female superhero films, including a Wonder Woman stand-alone.

While the main focus was on the rivalry between Batman and Superman, Lex Luthor had some important moments. Kyptonite was featured and will most definitely play a role in the final brawl. However, I wasn’t a fan of Jesse Eisenberg’s caricature of Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor in my opinion is a menacing character that is intimidating in his own right. Eisenberg’s Luthor did not come across as intimidating, but more comical. That’s just an initial impression, maybe that’s different in the movie itself. I’m going to keep an open mind. After all, it was just a few clips of dialogue.

This trailer was pulsing with emotion. If the trailer is any indicator of the film itself, we can expect to dive deeper into the personalities of who Batman and Superman are, their ideologies on what a hero is, and a sprinkle of political intrigue. It’s looking like an amazing ride. Sure by the end of the film the two heroes will be buddies, but we’ll get a good brawl and maybe some introspection along the way.


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