Rumor: Donnie Yen Joins Cast of Star Wars VIII


According to an article on, there is a report that Donnie Yen, international martial arts star of the Ip Man franchise, has reached a deal to join the cast of Star Wars Episode VIII. Warning the following rumor may contain some SPOILERS!

According to this rumored report, Donnie Yen will play a Jedi that befriends Han Solo. This continues a trend of incorporating experts in the international martial arts genres into the Star Wars Universe. Actors from The Raid and The Raid 2 have previously been added to the cast of Episode VII. It’s logical to add accomplished actors such as Donnie Yen to the franchise. His background in martial arts could add to the evolution of the lightsaber duel and he certainly has the chops as an actor.

There are a few takeaways from this rumor if it happens to be true.For one, if this rumor is true, than the theory of Han Solo meeting his demise in Episode VII is disproved. The popular theory amongst fans has been that Han Solo doesn’t make it out of the events of Episode VII. This theory is due to Harrison Ford’s vocal disdain for Han Solo’s role in Episode VI. Could Han Solo play a much larger role in the new trilogy than we original considered?

Donnie Yen is not old enough to be playing a Jedi from the Republic Era. Of course with some movie magic he could play a character of any age. So if he is playing a Jedi, we can assume he would have to have been trained in the time between episodes VI and VII. That would be an exciting scenario, because that means Luke has been training other Jedi. Perhaps there are several Jedi that have been trained during this time period. Then there is always the chance that he is trained between VII and VIII. Star Wars movies are known to have a considerable time jump between films. Regardless of when he becomes a Jedi, if this rumor is true then it is exciting news for the future of the Star Wars Franchise.

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