Rapid Reaction: All New All Different Marvel Preview


Out with the old and in with the same old. Rapid Reactions to some of the changes that Marvel displayed in a preview of its All New All Different launch this fall.

Avengers Line:

There is a obvious focus on diversity. A-Force is an all female Avengers titles. All-New All Different Avengers has a mix of everything. The cast includes kids, minorities, females, and even an artificial intelligence. The Free Comicbook Day preview of All New All Different Avengers got me excited for that title.

As for Uncanny Avengers, I never much cared for it. It seems like that will remain true in this new universe. They are injecting Inhuman representation into the unity squad as Marvel continues to elevate Inhumans into the mainstream of the Marvel Universe.

What is really a shocker is the Ultimates title. Not only is it diverse, it has Galactus on the cover. Is Galactus a member of the team or the main villain? I’m intrigued enough to find out this fall.

Solo Run Titles:

There is a heavy focus on characters from their Cinematic Universe. It’s not surprising nor is it a bad thing necessarily. However are some interesting additions that stood out to me. Contest of Champions seems to have history in the Marvel Universe. Admittedly, I am not familiar with that history but anything with Maestro has potential.

Iron Man is front and center in this new universe and the “Superior” days are over. Iron Man has a new armor design. It’s simpler, and sleek yet classic all the same.

Hawkeye doesn’t appear to be focused around the Hawkeye we are most familiar with. The Hulk will be different and entitled Totally Awesome Hulk. Now I don’t know about you, but when I think Totally Awesome I think of the early 1990s. The Hulk doesn’t come to mind in relation to those two words. I’m sure the editors and writers have a purpose for this title and I will try to keep an open mind. Ok I’m judging this title hardcore right now.

The Mighty Thor has an interesting teaser logline. I’m interested to see where the writer takes this story.

Something about the title Sam Wilson, Captain America seems satisfying to me. I’m glad they added his name to the title. Sam Wilson is a great character, but has caught some heat after taking the shield. The addition of his name helps solidify the new direction is here to stay. It seems from this preview that some strife has mounted between Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. Could this be Marvel once again dipping into the social political climate within the United States?

Spiderman Titles:

Wow there are a lot of spider-people running around this new universe. To be honest I mostly don’t care about the spiderman line-up. I’ve always enjoyed the cartoons and movies but haven’t read much of the comics besides some of the Ultimate Spiderman run. Speaking of, Miles Morales will be the Spiderman in the Spiderman title. That’s a bold move by Marvel. But there are so many other spiders crawling around it kind of negated the importance of it for me.


Again, sorry for fans of the titles but I just don’t find them that interesting at this point. They have an interesting premise and could be awesome. But a lot of what Marvel is attempting to do with Inhumans could be done with Xmen.


There were elements of the new Xmen titles that excited me, while others not so much. The Xmen line has new writers and new editors. Hopefully this will translate into a better direction for Marvel’s merry mutants.

Extraordinary Xmen seems interesting. I’m excited about the direction this title seems to be taking. The team feels like a callback to an older, more classic line-up and approach to the Xmen. Magneto is still involved and has his own team again in Uncanny Avengers. The dynamic of this team with its mixture of morally questionable characters will generate some interesting tales.

All New Xmen will star the Xmen of yesteryear. I had hoped these characters wouldn’t have made it through the events of Secret Wars. I was never a fan of the old Xmen coming to the present story arc. There are too many good mutant characters to waste spotlight on old version of characters that already existed.

Old Man Logan gets his own title and X-23 will now be the wolverine, nuff said.

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