Han Solo Officially Gets Solo Film

Han Solo

Starwars.com has officially announced that Han Solo will be the next anthology film. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord the brain-trust behind the Lego Movie will helm the film. Fans everywhere have hoped for this news since the announcement of future Star Wars films unrelated to the episodic story’s continuation. I however, I have trepidations of this news.

We have already seen the result of what happens when you take a beloved figure from the Star Wars universe, and show us a younger version of them. I don’t want to see another Little Ani scenario. There are so many other projects the franchise could have pursued. I’d rather have seen an Obi Wan film centered in the period between the fall of the Republic and Episode IV. What about the Boba Fett project rumored to be in development that would be a crime drama/western style of movie? I would have been more excited about that announcement.

Granted I’m sure I’ll watch the Han Solo film and will probably enjoy it. I’m just apprehensive about exploring the history of a character that is already great because of his mysterious background. I trust the new story group controlling the direction of the franchise. They will learn from George Lucas’s previous mistakes. I also trust Miller and Lord. Those guys have continuously proven themselves. Kasdan’s involvement is also a positive for this project. Kasdan has a good track record, especially in the Star Wars franchise.

Hopefully the plot will center around a Han Solo close to the age of where we meet him in Episode IV. No I don’t believe we will see an 8 year old Han Solo. I personally hope they don’t even explore the teenage years. But exploring how Han met Chewie and the imfamous Kessel Run could be fun. As long as they keep Han the scoundrel that he is. More news is certain to follow in the coming days with San Diego Comic Con looming.

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