Game of Thrones Season 6 Predictions Part 3: Who’s Going To Bite The Dust?


Spoiler Alert! Events from Season 5 may be discussed. You’ve been warned.

This show is infamous for smashing beetles. Valar Morghulis! So whose watch is ending this season? I have a few guesses as to who meets the mother’s mercy next.

Part 3: Valar Morghulis


For the past two seasons a Lannister, I mean Baratheon, has bit the dust. All signs point to the last remaining Lannister umm Baratheon heir will fall in Season 6. Yep, that means King Tommen the Hungry will die. At the end of Season 5 Tommen was in the middle of a hunger strike because his mom and wife were imprisoned and there was nothing he could do about it. King Tommen’s hunger strike will weaken him in more ways than one.

Some of the more ambitious characters in King’s Landing will smell blood in the water. I don’t see the Tryells, especially Margaery, taking Tommen’s lack of action sitting down. The king and queen now have a riff between them just as House Tyrell and House Lannister. Tommen will get caught in the crossfire of King’s Landing politics. This will be one of the shocking deaths of Season 6. Expect this to occur, especially if Tommen begins to get a lot of screen time early in the next season.


Brienne is a strong character. However, the career of the actress who plays the character is really beginning to take off, limiting her schedule. Brienne as a character played less of a role in Season 5. She waited on a ledge in the snow for about 6 episodes. Another reason to further my suspicion of Brienne’s eventual death is the decreasing amount of high morale characters remaining in the show. In the world of Game Of Thrones, good people don’t last long. Brienne is one of the few remaining characters with a high sense of honor. She is also a fan favorite and would be a shocking death. Well, I don’t think any death in Game of Thrones is “Shocking” anymore. Unfortunately, her story arc ended abruptly in the books to the chagrin of readers everywhere. Brienne will pursue Ramsay and try to reach him before he reaches Sansa. Ramsay and his men will over power her through cunning and trickery.


This dude is vile and another full season where he survives just can’t be possible. The fans need a win after the depressing ending to Season 5. Ramsay’s fall will be the King Joffrey death of next season. The show runners finally give the fans another win and return a sense of justice to the show. How does he die? I believe that Tormund saves Sansa once they travel far enough north. Tormund guts Ramsay and saves the sister of a dead man he now respects.


He will die before he becomes a stone man. His mortality is ticking away, and with each episode he grows brasher. Jorah will do something foolish in the name of love. Romanticism doesn’t end well in the world of Game of Thrones. Jorah and Daario will attempt to rescue Dany and get foiled in the process. A Dothraki blood rider will slay him, maybe even the new Khal himself.

Areo Hotah & a Sand Snake

The head of security and bodyguard for Doran Martell will meet his end in this season. He played a small role in this past season. Someone of consequence will have to die in the potential civil war in Dorne. Areo will go down swinging defending Doran’s life. But he will not go down alone. He will take one of the Sand Snakes with him. This is contingent on which direction the Dorne plot will go. If Doran and Ellaria are in league with the death of Myrcella, this prediction is null.


Whether she was part of a secret plot hatched by Doran or she rebelled against his will, Ellaria will be killed in this season. Ellaria betrayed the Prince of Doran. He will order her execution to remain in the good graces of the Lannisters and protect his son Trystane. The public execution of Ellaria will set the Sand Snakes off on another quest for vengeance.

The High Sparrow

Cersei lost her dignity but she will not lose her city. She will return to the Sept a woman scorned and wage war against the faith militant. The new Franken-Mountain will dispose of the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant almost single-handedly.

Alliser Thorne & and Most of the Night’s Watch

Alliser Thorne, the 999th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch will man the wall for yet another invading force. This time the White Walkers will be his enemy. There will be blood. The Night’s King and the White Walkers assault the wall and overpower the Night’s Watch. The Walkers overcome the Watch. From here, the White Walkers begin their invasion of the Seven Kingdoms.

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