Game of Thrones Season 6 Predictions Part 2: The North


Spoiler Alert! Events in Season 5 may be discussed. You’ve been warned.

So where could The Game of Thrones go from here. Most of the storylines from the books are caught up; some have even surpassed the books. Yet others have ventured into new territory. Let’s speculate where certain major plot point continue from here.

This past season was a slow burn amounting to three thrilling episodes at the end of the season. However the climax in previous seasons was in episode 9 with resolution and setup for the next season in episode 10. Most of the previous seasons are formatted this way. Joffrey’s death in episode 2 of Season 4 spoiled us, jumpstarting the events of Season 4. I believe Season 6 will again be unique in that it needs to tie up some events from the thrilling season finale of Season 5. Season 6 will start fast, slow down in the middle and end in another thrilling climax leading to the final season.

Part 2: The North

Sansa and the once and future Theon

I am assuming the pair survived the fall from the walls of Winterfell. Sansa and Theon will be on the run from the Boltons. My guess is Sansa heads north towards the wall in search of safety. I hope she attempts to gather information on the whereabouts of Rickon Stark. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pair meets up with Brienne at some point.

Roose and Ramsay have reached a peak. It’s all bad news for this point forward. Ramsay and Roose will be most displeased with the loss of Sansa. I would not be surprised if signs of the north slipping from their grasp also begin to appear. News of those pesky Wildings breaching the wall will travel to Roose in Winterfell. Ramsay will be tasked with retrieving Sansa and Theon on his way to deal with the wildling threat. I smell another hunt. Release the hounds! Theon and Sansa head for the wall but end up running into the wildlings and Tormund, Ramsay will pursue them, and Brienne joins in on the chase.

Littlefinger and the Vale

Littlefinger will be as dastardly as ever, redirecting the chaos of Westeros into a ladder of opportunity to be exploited. In season 5 Littlefinger had struck an alliance with Roose Bolton while also seeking the favor of Cersei. Littlefinger, he’s always playing both sides with a smirk. Peter Baelish will head north with the knights of the Vale to conquer Winterfell. However, before Peter’s exit from King’s Landing, him and Olenna Tyrell will have another discussion involving past plots and future rulers. I’m not feeling to strongly about King Tommen the Hungry’s continued reign.

The Wall

Jon Snow is dead? Well maybe. Jon’s fate is more ambiguous in the books. The character’s death was quite obvious in the show. What also was quite obvious is that Melisandre the red witch happened to also be at the wall in both the book and the show. I don’t think Jon Snow is done yet. He did die, that seems certain. However there is precedence for resurrection in the Game of Thrones. Remember the Brotherhood with no banners. They had a red priest who resurrected a guy after the hound had defeated him in combat.

Jon Snow will return, and his oath to the night’s watch will have ended. He could end up with the wildlings or head to Winterfell. Maybe even go beyond the wall. Or maybe the Night’s Watch receive him back into the fold (doubt that). Remember, the novels are collectively called the song of ice and fire. The Night’s King is obviously the ice. Jon Snow could return and be part of the fire. Or if he stays dead, he most certainly will join the side of ice. The wall will still play a major part in the story, but without Jon and Samwell at the wall, I don’t see much reason to include the wall into the show until the walkers’ invasion begins.

Fringe plots and characters: Samwell, The Greyjoys, Bran, Davos the Onion Knight, Jorah and Daario,

Samwell is going to Oldtown to become a Maester. I’m sure the show will drop hints and clues regarding the Whitewalkers in this story arc. However, this has all the makings to be the Dorne of Season 6. Bran will make a return in Season 6 and be the new raven. Somehow he will facilitate communications that ultimate unite the kingdoms against the walkers.

From early casting rumors, the Greyjoys may be making a return. The Greyjoys live on islands and therefore own ships. Would be nice if they sailed across the narrow sea and escorted a certain Queen back across. Jorah and Daario will be searching for Dany for at least half the season having bro chats and confessing their undying love for the woman they both covet. Davos is no longer hand of the king. He has no purpose. Easiest solution to this is to have him join the Knight’s Watch. It gives the wall a character we care about before the horde of the dead kill them all.

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