Game of Thrones Season 6 Predicitons Part 1: The South


Spoiler Alert! Events in Season 5 may be discussed. You’ve been warned.

In this season of Game of Thrones Winter arrived. If there is one thing we have learned from this show it’s that no one character is safe. We were reminded of that in the final moments of the season. But the question is where does the show go from here? All fans can do is speculate until details arrive next spring of Season 6. Therefore, speculate is exactly what I intend to do.

I read a review of the season recently lamenting how actions from season 1 effected actions in the season finale. I respectfully disagree. It is the fact that every action, every decision, and every conversation can and will have repercussions. Therefore events from this past season as well as previous seasons will be considered in my speculation.

Part 1: The South

Dorne, Doran, and the Sand Snakes

Oh yes the characters involved in the least interesting storyline of Season 5. We last left the Sand Snakes sitting at the dock of the bay, watching peace roll away. Myrcella and Ellaria’s kiss of death has shattered the fragile Lannister Martell alliance. The question here however, is the intention of Doran Martell. Nothing in this show is shown without cause. Doran clearly gives Ellaria a blessing to wish good tidings to Myrcella. Dorian also is aware of Oberyn’s use of poisons a skill Ellaria had to pick up. So was Dorian playing coy with Jamie and Bronn with their release?

That entire sequence with Jamie, Ellaria, Dorian, and Trystane seemed far too happy go lucky for the show. In the novels Dorian is secretly attempting to hatch a plot against the Lannisters through supporting a return to Targaryen rule. Of course the show has ventured away from the books before. Jamie’s entire trek to Dorne was new material. So this theory is a stretch and could easily be derailed. And there is the fact that Trystane is also heading to King’s Landing with the Lannisters. Doran wouldn’t put his own son and heir in harm’s way. However, I just can’t help but wonder whether Myrcella’s murder was an elaborate ploy by Doran.

This storyline plays out one of two ways. Dorne erupts into civil war and the Sand Snakes will be pitted against Doran. This scenario is most likely. However, maybe the death of Myrcella forces Doran to play his cards and seek to support Dany Targaryen. Either way Trystane is now at the mercy of Jamie Lannister and the Martells are enemies of the crown.


The girl is blind. The girl must learn to not take things that do not belong to the girl. I see (pun intended) a rather boring season ahead for Arya. The character has more or less caught up with her novel counterpart. I have faith in the show runners but there is only one ending I see to this storyline. Arya betrays the many-faced god after regaining her sight and strikes out on her own. She may have to deal with Jaqen in some way first. Ultimately Arya gains the skills needed to carry out her death list. She’s heading back across the sea to Westeros and needle is coming home with her.


Tyrion, Grey Worm, and company will continue to deal with the politics of Meereen. Of course the Sons of the Harpy will continue to play a role in this season. My guess is that Meereen ends up a lost cause despite the efforts of Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Varys. The Sons of the Harpy with be culled slowly throughout the season. The danger will come from the other free cities. The other free cities will learn of Dany’s disappearance and revolt. Dany’s kingdom will slowly crumble. When Dany returns with her Dothraki army Meereen will be under siege. She may save the city with the Dothraki, but her empire will be lost. This will fuel her desire to claim Westeros. The main question in Meereen is the dragons. How the hell are they going to get those pissed off chained dragons out of the dungeons?

Dany and the Dothraki

I’m pretty sure the Dothraki that ran into Dany are the same Khalasar that abandoned her in season 1. Somehow Dany will convince them to follow her, however not without some conflict. She’ll have to dispose of the current Khal. Chances are Dany will have to ride Drogon again to win over the Dothraki tribe. I just hope that by the end of the season she is at least heading to Westeros. It’s past time for a Targaryen return to Westeros.

King’s Landing

What a hotbed of tension. King’s Landing is about to boil over with violence. Peter Baelish vs. Olenna Tryell, Margaery versus Cersei, everyone versus Cersei, The Faith Militant versus both Lannisters and Tyrells. Cersei isn’t done with the faith militant. Of course there will be a trial of sorts for both Cersei and Margaery but by the middle of the next season, the crown will be squared to face the faith militant, Jaime’s return to King’s Landing will play a role in this confrontation, unless events in Dorne keep him from returning. The Mountain will probably take out the High Sparrow. And of course there is the question of Dorne and Trystane. King’s Landing will be the major focus of Season 6.

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