1st Impressions: Inside Out


Inside Out is a clever and charming family film. Like all of Pixar’s movies, Inside Out offers something for everyone young and old alike. This film does offer a different kind of movie experience. For one, a Pixar short is attached to the beginning of it. It’s charming but threw off the mood in my opinion.

The plot of Inside Out is driven by drama rather than action. There are less special effects and more of a focus on the characters. So how does it match up to this summer’s blockbusters thus far? The more I think back to the movie, the more and more I like it.

Inside Out is about five emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness, who influence the actions of the main character Riley. However once life circumstances change her environment, the emotions begin to lose control. The emotions Joy and Sadness find themselves thrust into a quest to save the essence of who Riley is as everything crumples around her.

Inside Out is beautifully written. It is a great example of trimming a script down to its essentials. Nothing is wasted. Everything is linked to the plot in some way. This is one of the best written movies I’ve seen this year.

The theme of this movie is obviously depression. As Riley’s world shifts around her, the Emotions struggle to solve her reactions to them. They end up with a situation where Sadness and Joy are lost and Anger, Fear, and Disgust have to attempt to save the day. In the process, Riley becomes disconnected with everything that she loves. Ha see what I did there huh, you’ll have to see the movie. Ultimately the only way to save Riley was for the Emotions to realize that all of them played a role in her life. If any emotion was shunned, then Riley wouldn’t have the ability to cope with her mental functioning.

This film does all of the little things right. I’ve already mentioned the writing and how every little thing ties into the plot in some way. This is especially true for the small things. There are little jokes and parts of dialogue that very smoothly reinserted down the road in the movie.

This movie is marketed towards the younger crowds and families. However, this movie has staying power. Inside Out will be playing on screens for generations. Inside Out is worth watching at least once. If you don’t want to mesh with a younger crowd in the theaters, check it out once it’s released on Blu-ray. If you have children, this is probably a good choice to add to your collection to keep the little tikes entertained.


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