1st Impressions: Ted 2

Ted 2

Ted 2 is a raunchy comedy centered on a Teddy bear stuffed animal who has become self aware and sentient. He lives a normal life until the state gets involved and challenges his rights as a person. This film is full of funny laugh out loud moments. The best part of the Ted movies is the relationship between Ted and Mark Wahlberg’s character. Ted 2 offers jokes and banter that continue the random bro moments that movie-goers enjoyed from the first film.

Ted 2 has the touch of Seth MacFarlane all over it. Anyone familiar with American Dad or Family Guy will be right at home with this movie. Ted 2 is full of laughable moments. The random comedy and sidebars are present in the film. Several cameos appear in the movie adding to the randomness. There are times that are reminiscent of a Family Guy episode. The story is simple and slow to develop fully, but it is there. The audience is slowly led to the real plot of the film after the first act or so.

However, the most surprising element of this movie is its tackling of a rather serious issue. This movie’s theme revolved around social rights and equality. When you breakdown Ted 2, Civil Rights are at the core of this movie. By the end of the movie it is clear where Seth MacFarlane stands on a hot topic socio-political issue. Those socio-political themes permeated all facets of the film from the plot down to some of the most basic jokes. This movie does imply a serious message that will not sit well with everyone.

Regardless of its central message, random jokes, and numerous celebrity appearances, Ted 2 is an entertaining film. Ted 2 does its job as a comedy. You will laugh and chuckle throughout the movie. If you haven’t seen it, Ted 2 is worth a viewing.


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