Star Wars Rebels: Siege of Lothal


Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels did an excellent job recreating the magic and atmosphere of the original trilogy. Its theme and tone resembled a space western more that a political drama like the prequels had. The television event The Siege of Lothal, the official kickoff of Season 2 of the Disney series, was no different.

It appears season 2 will continue to be a callback to the older trilogy. In fact, the series is venturing even further into elements of the originals. The biggest evidence was the inclusion of Darth Vader. With this new expanded universe canon that Disney is developing, there is apprehension when you see Vader pop up. Darth Vader is a popular character and is an easy cash grab, or in this case ratings booster. However, Darth Vader does not disappoint in this television event. The original voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, reprises his role for the character. The fight sequences Vader was involved in were reminiscent of his duels with Luke and Obi-Wan. The show does Vader justice pure and simple.

Vader is a wily old veteran that exposed and exploited the weaknesses of the Ghost crew. There is no other way to describe Vader in the Siege of Lothal but Bad Ass. Vader’s actions demonstrated why the character was feared throughout the Imperial Navy. He is cunning, intelligent, and precise.

The Siege of Lothal set the tone for this season and potentially the series from this point forward. The rebels are scratching and pestering the Empire. But they are merely a nuance to the Emperor and his plans. This episode displays the Empire’s might in a very Empire Strikes Back kind of way. There are reveals in this episode I did not believe would be explored until possibly the end of the season. Now, there is a chance a particularly interesting confrontation for fans of the Clone Wars series could be happening sooner rather than later.


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